Safeguard your paid search campaign with PPC Protect

23rd April 2021
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What is click fraud?

Click fraud is everywhere. From hackers to competitors, bots to untrustworthy apps, they come in many forms and are in your paid search campaigns. Whichever way they arrive, they will have a disastrous effect on your PPC search campaigns conversion rate and carries potential GDPR and CCPA risks to your business and customers. It also eats into your PPC budget, and all that money you have spent on your PPC search campaign will be for nothing. Not all bad traffic is necessarily fraudulent. However, it still distorts your data, making this information useless when looking to make business decisions.

What can I do to stop this?

Here at HardSoft, we have been using PPC Protect to enable us to run our PPC search campaigns smoothly and effectively. This custom-built solution filters bad traffic in real-time, allowing you to get more leads, stop invalid clicks, maximise your campaign budget, and secure your data! We have seen that we personally saved an astonishing £3402 on our PPC campaign using this software, which we purchased for £750 per annum. The Essential package starts at just £49, and there is also an offer of a 14-day FREE trial! Try it out for yourself and join the 35,000 plus Google Ads accounts that are protecting their paid search campaigns with this solution!

What is PPC Protect?

PPC Protect is the fastest, most accurate, safest click fraud protection solution available on the market! They have worked alongside Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. to prevent ad fraud as part of the IAB Tech Lab. By blocking click fraud, you can gather transparent data from your PPC search campaign, providing you with detailed insights into PPC traffic quality, fraudulent placements, and advanced fraud analytics through a user-friendly dashboard. From here, you can find data logs and PDF reports for your campaign, as well as the option to seek help from dedicated data analysts, as well as 24/7 support from their UK-based team. 30% of the PPC team are qualified data scientists, so they know a thing or two about Research and Development!

This protection is not limited to just one website either, and you can add multiple domains and users to your account! PPC Protect only charges for your total ad spend, not the number of domains you are protecting. Installing this software is easy. Simply create a free PPC Protect Account and start your free trial, and then head to the Integration section of the dashboard and copy and paste the tracking template into Google Ads. That is all there is to it! The PPC Protect algorithm will now start monitoring your paid search campaign.

How does PPC Protect work?

First, the click on the ad is passed through a monitored funnel in under 100 milliseconds. When passing through the funnel, thousands of pieces of unique data such as the click’s IP address, location, device ID, etc. are collected. This information is then cross-referenced with a database of fraudulent activity and blacklists, with real-time analysis identifying previously unseen fraudulent activity. If the PPC Protect algorithm detects the click was fraudulent then that user is added to the blacklist, ranked in terms of threat level, and blocked via a secure API from seeing your ads.

Its detection engine is always ready to jump into action, and automatically fights back against incoming click fraud attacks, so you do not have to worry! Incredibly, PPC Protect automated software advanced AI takes under 0.12 seconds to decipher genuine clicks from fake clicks, which is the fastest in the industry! Not only does this solution detect sophisticated threats, but it also learns the DNA structure of your ad accounts and adapts to changing environments and trends.

In previous years, other click fraud prevention methods have relied on a simple IP address vetting method, blocking, and sampling IP addresses using out-of-date, third-party blacklists, meaning some legitimate traffic could be blocked from your search campaign. PPC Protect has ensured its award-winning analysis and detection features go above and beyond to study various unique parameters of each click, making sure only invalid, fraudulent traffic is blocked. That is not to say blacklists cannot be useful, but they can be out of date very quickly. PPC Protect implements an automatic traffic blocking system that uses a combination of hourly updated blacklists with cybersecurity-driven real-time analysis. Fraudsters are instantly detected and blocked from seeing your ads.