Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise means Windows Apps Now Run on Chromebooks

8th February 2021
Chromebook Enterprise and Parallels

Businesses can now access Windows Apps on Chrome OS

Parallels for Chromebook Enterprise running Windows Apps on a Chromebook
Windows running on Chrome OS.

Google and Parallels are partnering to bring Windows app support to Chromebooks. Design for business, enterprise customers will be able to purchase the app which allows Chrome OS to boot a full version of Windows inside a virtual machine and gain access to existing desktop apps.

A full copy of Windows will be launched via Parallels desktop for Chromebook Enterprise, which will allow Microsoft’s operating systems to sit alongside Chrome OS and Android apps. Chrome OS will redirect particular Windows file types direct to Parallels to make it simpler to launch files that would typically be used with a desktop app.

Integration isn’t entirely seamless, as you might find with the Coherence mode within Parallels Desktop, which allows you to pin Windows apps to the macOS dock, running them without seeing the full Windows desktop and taskbar. The more in-depth Chrome OS and Windows app integration is likely to come with time in later releases.

Full Chrome OS Integration for a familiar experience

Google and Parallels have worked together to ensure features such as shared clipboard, user profiles, and custom folders, are enabled, allowing you to share files between Chrome OS and the Windows instance, as well as web links in the Windows instance which open the Chrome browser.

Utilise the features of Windows desktop apps

You will be able to use printers which are supported in Chrome OS in Windows, however, for the time being, webcams, microphones, and other USB devices won’t be supported inside Windows, although Parallels are working to add them in a future update.

Google is limiting Parallels Desktop for Chromebook to what they call “for power usage” Chromebooks, but most modern Chromebooks will support parallels. Parallels can be enabled on compatible devices via Google’s Admin, which will require a Windows 10 license in order to configure the devices.

Chrome OS window management.

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