How is Working from Home Threatening the Security of Business?

26th June 2020
Laptop with Home Office and a padlock on the screen in green

With the increased ‘Work From Home’ requirements, and also due to the situation that Covid-19 has put us all in, many people have been forced to work from home for the first time and many businesses were not pre-equipped or prepared for this.

There are increased risks surrounding the cyber security aspect of working from home, and we would suggest looking at your remote working solution from the tips below.

As we shift to a new normal, lots of businesses will continue to allow staff to work from home going forward, but everyone should know the risks to your business and company data. Many businesses rushed to get home working set up, and in their haste security was not a top priority on their list.

There are many ways to work remotely, and for businesses who are still working from an on-premise server e.g. instead of their data being stored in the cloud, staff would need to establish a remote connection to their office. With this, a hole is opened on the business firewall for remote workers, so the remote working solution should be as secure as possible to prevent unauthorised access, for example using an encrypted VPN tunnel.

Of course, it is always also best practice to ensure the users have Strong-Complex passwords. So if your business has remote workers, make sure they do have Strong-Complex passwords and that the remote route you have taken is secure with as many security layers to jump through as possible.

Multi-Factor authentication is a good use for this, which would allow the user to send a pin or prompt to their mobile phone, which is personal to that user, and not something a possible hacker would have access to before they access any company information. Having your data stored in the cloud is also at risk any time as this is mostly always accessible, regardless of work from home. Again Strong-Complex passwords and Multi-Factor authentication is a must.

Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Advanced security software

Software such as Sophos Central Intercept X Endpoint Advanced is the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint protection, built to stop the widest range of Ransomware and Malware threats and available at just £1.60 per week. Ransomeware is a multi-billion pound industry, so it’s important to protect your business from email-borne threats. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium offers security and compliance, advanced threat protection at £4.15 per week.

Office 365 subscription for Business From HardSoft

If you decide to give remote workers a device to take from the workplace this will increase the risk of theft. So think about encrypting the contents of the device in case it is stolen preventing the thief from gaining access to company data. There are free utilities built into devices which allow this.

MDM solutions - Jamf Pro, Jamf Now, Systems manager by cisco meraki & MDM logo

It’s also worth considering attaching your devices to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) such as Jamf Pro, Jamf NOW, or Cisco Meraki, to ensure you can track and/or erase the device if needed, all available as an option to add to your lease from £0.38 per week.

Avast Business Antivirus software

If you are allowing staff members to use their own device be prepared to ensure it is compliant with your business best practices. Personal devices should have an active antivirus as this device will be accessing your company data. Antivirus software such as Avast Business Antivirus enables active scanning of files, URLs, and email attachments, protecting your business from malware, spyware, phishing and spam emails, as well as many viruses, all for just £0.55 per week!

Our expert technical team are available to help you make your business as secure as possible in this new working from home era, they can advise on the software you need to keep your business and data safe, and our sales team can help you get the equipment you need. Get in touch on 020 7111 1643 or email