Explaining the Changes to Microsoft Office 365

31st August 2020
Microsoft 365 logo on a blue background

Microsoft have changed the name of Microsoft Office 365 which has caused some confusion, so we decided to explain them for you

The key differences in the name changes from Microsoft 365 licenses are, your Office 365 Business Essentials is now Microsoft 365 Business Basic. Microsoft has realised that their Office 365 Business Premium product is in fact not their premium product, and it is simply a standard that you would expect from Microsoft, so that is now your Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

Microsoft 365

What has now been given the premium status, is the old Microsoft 365 business. That is now a Microsoft 365 Business Premium. There is, of course, your Office 365 Business, which is now Microsoft 365 Apps for Business.

All of these licenses, minus the Apps for Business or Apps for Business Enterprise, come with SharePoint.


SharePoint is that centralised hub of data that you can add, edit and remove and set permissions, which leads us on to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. This product has not been commonly supplied and, looking at what it can come with, we can’t see why.

This product will give you a free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10, giving you those security patches that are very much needed. You wouldn’t need to purchase a physical device and an expensive Windows 10 license. You would be able to upgrade for free with this license.

You’re able to also quickly and easily manage devices using the built-in Intune that comes with this license, allowing access to certain devices and blocking others. If one device hasn’t got the security update that the iOS is seriously recommending, you can block that.

And that is our brief explanation on the Microsoft 365 changes, and their name changes.

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