A Complete Guide to Cisco Meraki

9th October 2020
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What is Cisco Meraki and what offerings can you get through HardSoft? Get the answers in this guide to Cisco Meraki.

Almost every business these days has a host of digital servers and devices at their disposal. Organising all of these items under one roof may feel like a nightmare but it doesn’t have to be with Systems Manager from Cisco Meraki.

Systems Manager may be the key you are looking for and we here at HardSoft can provide you access. Cisco Meraki is one of the mobile device management solutions we offer and it is a powerhouse. 

Let us guide you through all that Cisco Meraki has to offer and how we can provide you with unified management and security beyond compare. 

What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki was a small project developed in Cambridge to provide a powerful and secure network to manage not only your devices but also your entire network structure. Cisco has taken in the original small team and their combined insight and resources bloomed the sheer powerhouse that is Cisco Meraki.

Now Cisco Meraki’s Systems Manager sees use across the world, brought to you by providers such as us here at HardSoft. With a simple and easy subscription, you can place all of your devices in one simple Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. 

Let’s dig deeper into what Systems Manager from Cisco Meraki has to offer. 

1. Efficient Mobile Device Management Solutions

Cisco Meraki’s Systems Manager is a singular platform that provides over-the-air support to any and all devices you choose to integrate into the system. Your centralised dashboard lists all the technical data from each of your devices and gives you unparalleled control of their activity, access, and management details.

The over-the-air system allows you to use wireless transmissions to move data from your dashboard to any device of your choosing and back again. This setup also allows you to also troubleshoot any device from any location, update software, and enhance and change security protocols on the fly. 

LostStolen screen from Systems Manager by Cisco Meraki
Any devices lost or stolen can be locked, wiped, or erased remotely
with Systems Manager

2. User-Friendly and Well Supported

Despite the wide variety of potential details that Systems Manager can provide, the interface is one of the most user-friendly on the market. 

The structure of the dashboard is simple and straightforward, with plain labelling and an organised section for each major action. The program can also be set with a wide variety of automatic prompts and protocols, allowing you to add a new device in moments without lifting a single finger. 

Policy setting in Systems Manager by Cisco Meraki
Remotely set policies for your devices from a central point

3. Top-Rated Cloud Architecture 

With Systems Manager working on the cloud, there are a number of potent additional features that the cloud can offer. With a cloud network by your side, network data can transfer from location to location in an instant. New business locations can log in and be ready to work with all your devices.

Cisco Meraki also supports Virtual Stacking, traffic visibility amongst your devices, automatic updates and sync connections, and secure VPN. 

Security settings with Systems Manager from Cisco Meraki
Security settings are simple with Systems Manager

Why Get Cisco Meraki Through Us?

We here at HardSoft provide every inch of the powerful Cisco Meraki Systems Manager service right to you for just £0.70 per week. Less than a pound a week gives you all the above solutions and our quality customer service right at your fingertips. 

Getting the Best MDM Solutions on the Market

As you can see, Systems Manager from Cisco Meraki is a unique piece of cloud architecture. With its many features and excellent service, you can’t go wrong with the power of Cisco Meraki. 

HardSoft offer subscriptions to Cisco Meraki MDM solution. Subscriptions are added to your order and payments are made on a separate monthly direct debit.

Check out the benefits of using Cisco Meraki as your MDM solution!

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