Where To Buy Computers For Business?

30th November 2021
where to buy computers from

When it comes to sourcing business computers, there are a number of options available to your CFOs. However, not all methods offer equal value to your company.

Firstly, it is important to know that there is a range of places that you can buy computers for both end consumers and also business class models. In addition to UK household names including Curry’s / PC World, you can also buy business computers from companies like BT, and even simply on Amazon. IT hardware is, in fact, everywhere.

The trouble with these avenues is knowing what you’re getting. Many computer models can have the name ‘business’ slapped onto them, yet this doesn’t mean they will have the right specifications for your needs. It’s important to do your research before buying a business computer.

What Makes A Business Computer Different From A Consumer Computer?

In your typical electronics chain stores, you will find a great deal of appliances, including computer hardware, some of which is labelled ‘business’. It should be immediately apparent though, that most of these shops are not necessarily specialists in business products alone. Most of the electronics are household electronics aimed at the general consumer market.

Computers for business are different from a consumer product in several key features:

Price of business computers

Price – The most noticeable is the price. Business computers should cost more than a regular laptop as they include higher quality and more powerful components.

Software – The price will also be higher because business models should have more specialised applications and add-ons. They have less bloatware, but more applications linked to productivity and internal company collaboration and communication.

Materials – Business computers are built to last longer in terms of their materials.

Warranty Length and Support – Business computers also tend to come with longer warranties and additional support.

Storage – Business devices usually have additional storage.

Design – Business computers have fewer aesthetic customisations and sport a leaner, plainer design.

Power – Of course, the biggest difference is power. Business computers wield much more power than the average consumer model. Their CPUs and GPUs will be more sophisticated.

What Are The Best Computers For Small Businesses?

So, you now know of a few places you can buy IT hardware and how to roughly identify a business model beyond the tagline name.

Naturally, this isn’t the full story. Not all business laptops are the same and most are certainly not interchangeable.

Small businesses will likely have different IT requirements than a large firm. However, the biggest difference in needs isn’t usually down to the size of your business. Your industry and the role of the staff member is far more relevant. These aspects determine the type of work you will be doing and, therefore, the specifications you will require.

An admin job with minimal use for elaborate software is not going to have the same requirements of a data scientist or an architect, who usually utilise creative programmes to map out complex structures.

Those who do intricate graphic work, programming, video editing, or heavily multitask will need more power than the simple admin job.

design work

Some roles include a great deal more video conferencing, collaboration, and communication than others.

Other roles and industries might prioritise portability above all else.

The size of the business will affect your budget and, therefore, what options are available. However, industry and job role are more involved with dictating the type of business computer you must source.

Samsung, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, and HP are all PC manufacturers that have built an extensive array of business computers with models suitable for all types of industries.

With laptop, tablets, 2 in 1 devices, smartphones, and office hubs, there is something for every scenario. Most ranges have models focused on portability, or creative design with touchscreens, or raw power.

With such a wide selection of choice, it can be challenging for the uninitiated to select the best computer systems for small businesses.

Guidance and additional support are beneficial for sourcing computers for small businesses, yet, disappointingly, this is often unavailable or inadequate when you buy a computer outright.

Lease Computers for Small Businesses

Buying computers for your business is not the only available option and it may not be the best option.

By leasing business computers from specialist suppliers, small businesses gain access to:

Spreading the cost of their gear – Leasing is ideal for smaller businesses as it reduces a big expenditure to manageable monthly amounts

Tax benefits Leasing computers for business is 100% tax deductible as an operating expenditure.

Expert supportLeasing solutions usually come with additional support. Hardsoft offer a selection of leasing packages to match different companies’ needs. Flexi-Lease is our most popular service and ideal for small and medium businesses. It comes with a complete support wrapper. When you lease computers, you can have assistance with deployment, installation, device configuration, ongoing management and maintenance and help with trading in old devices.

small businesses

The right hardware for their budget and objectives – With a lease, your business has a close ongoing relationship with your supplier. Experienced resellers like Hardsoft can assist to make your lease the ideal scenario for your business objective. We offer evaluations to help choose the best hardware for your company’s requirements.

The latest technology – Many of Hardsoft’s leasing solutions have options for built-in upgrades. On our Flexi-Lease solution, you can upgrade devices, after two years, to change your lease. With our DaaS Premium solution, regular upgrades and device swaps are built into your solution.

Customisable options – With business computer leases, it is very easy to customise your device. With optional specifications for specific devices, such as additional memory, or larger processors and CPUs, it is easy to fine tune your equipment. Additionally, you can configure the settings and applications on your device with the help of your lease provider.