Sonos for your office

8th March 2016
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Sonos is a super smart speaker system that is controlled using an App to stream music. You can play your music from one or more speakers in multiple rooms. It takes minutes to set up, including downloading the app and you are ready to go. It looks great and takes sound quality and usability so much further than your £20 Bluetooth speaker that you thought was a good idea…
Sonos Speaker System. HardSoft ComputersThere are a wide range of speakers available from small to large, all offering the ultimate sound experience. Using multiple speakers in one location, you can create your own wider stereo sound. The system runs on either a WiFi network or dedicated Sonos network. Your speaker range will be as wide as your WiFi network dictates. If you do not have a completely reliable WiFi network, you can plug your speaker in to your router, creating a dedicated Sonos network for your office. Each Sonos speaker that you have serves as a wireless repeater to expand the range of your dedicated network. Because your Sonos speaker system runs from your WiFi and is not a Bluetooth device, you do not have to have your music source in such close range. It also means you can control multiple speakers from one device playing different music or the same on each in different rooms. You do need internet to use Sonos… it is designed to use your internet and wirelessly, WiFi to connect and play.
Sonos will also work using your existing equipment. Using their CONNECT software, you can integrate your speakers with an external amplifier or receiver that you already have. To pair up with some old speakers, you just need the CONNECT:AMP to pair them up.Sonos Play| HardSoft Computers
Using Sonos speakers in your office, you are able to take control of what music is played in each room. You can control the volume separately for each speaker and play tracks in perfect sync. As the speakers are wireless you can move them around as needed an concentrate stereo sound where needed for presentations and parties!
Pairing Sonos with a music app, such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music gives you the freedom to listen to any track that you want at any time. Remember, if you have Sonos in your office, it is a good idea to think about your Sonetiquette!
Our Sonos leasing solutions start at as little as £1.40 per week for a PLAY:1. We also have packages deals, for example a Sonos Playbar, Sonos Sub and 2 x Sonos PLAY1’s from £12 per week. To see our full list of devices and packages, take a look at our dedicated Sonos webpage. To lease your Sonos devices from HardSoft contact one of our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643 or contact us HERE. We offer 3 years free warranty and technical support on all of our leases.