Small Businesses Skip The IT Department Thanks To Computer Leasing

11th December 2021
small businesses skip IT department thanks to computer leasing
Small businesses finances

IT support can be a huge financial burden for small businesses. Unfortunately, it is absolutely essential to the successful and smooth running of your company.

There are very few businesses that can survive today without the use of computer hardware and digital technology. Yet, for small businesses and new businesses, balancing these crucial features and the ongoing costs they incur is a strain.

Computer equipment must be maintained to ensure it is cyber secure and functioning at maximum capacity.

In times gone by, it was commonplace for businesses to employ their own IT department, and this is still the case for larger corporations, or even for smaller companies where digital services are part of their offering.

For smaller businesses in other industries, it is still fairly common to have at least one IT specialist employed for the maintenance and management of computer hardware and cyber security. This is an entire extra salary required with IT specialists’ salaries typically being £43,000 per annum in the UK.

This is usually on top of having to employ a digital marketer, developer, and graphic designer in your marketing team.

Some smaller businesses will attempt to outsource to digital marketing agencies in the hopes of saving money on ongoing salaries. This often comes with some limited IT support, but it is hit and miss as to whether they will cover maintenance of your hardware. It is usually quite limited in terms of how much and how quick the service will be.

Saving money for small business

Technology, and IT support are, therefore, two of the biggest money pits for small businesses, yet ones they cannot easily escape because of their vital role in business operations.

Cost also keeps small businesses in a catch 22 with investing in modern hardware and tech. Small businesses with limited budgets could grow faster with better computer equipment yet are remiss to put their limited budgets into such a big expense.

Only 17% of SMBs say that they are exactly where they want to be with technology.

Research shows that reducing costs remains a prime factor for small business.

Concerns over reducing costs of running a business also increase as company size decreases i.e., the smaller the business, the greater the concern. Reducing the cost of business is cited as a top priority by 63% of micro sized companies, for small companies it is down to 58% and down again to only 52% for medium sized companies.

When it comes to IT expense, studies by Lloyds Bank show that it accounts for over 20% of the cost of starting a business.

Hardware and IT support are also some of the often-cited ‘Hidden Costs’ of business. Underused, or old, obsolete hardware, and the cost of upgrades, repairs and maintenance are two of the biggest hidden costs, alongside shrinkage.

How Does Computer Leasing Help Business Bypass Expensive IT Departments

flexi lease

Leasing computer equipment can help small businesses save money in many ways. Not only does it spread the actual cost of the IT equipment itself, breaking it down into more manageable payments, but it also solves the need for an IT department at all.

There is no need to hire IT specialists or use an agency to take care of those maintenance or repair needs when you lease with experienced suppliers.

Many leases, like Hardsoft’s Flexi-Lease come with an extensive support wrapper. The result is that you have constant access to highly trained IT specialists with in-depth knowledge of your specific hardware.

When it comes to upgrades, maintenance, repairs, and technology advice, this is all covered in your Flexi-Lease solution. Flexi-Lease’s support goes above and beyond to help you make the best decisions on how to manage your IT hardware for the best results.