Leasing Helps SMBs Attract and Retain Talent

21st December 2021
Leasing helps SMBs Attract and Retain Talent

There are many advantages to leasing computer hardware for businesses. One of the most surprising benefits is how leasing solutions can actually help companies attract and retain talent.

Finding the right candidates is challenging enough for companies, but once found, a second issue emerges; how to keep that employee loyal.

Work Life Balance

Economic and cultural changes have led to several years of decreasing employee loyalty.

What is employee loyalty?

This is an incredibly contentious topic as the definition changes depending on whom you ask. For the purposes of this article, we are referring to the likelihood of a staff member to remain with a given company.

Increasingly staff care as much about work/life balance and company culture as they do about salary. This isn’t to say that employees aren’t hard working or loyal, merely that they have clear idea of their life priorities and aren’t willing to stick with a company if their core needs are not met.

The effects of the pandemic have exaggerated these effects with staff less likely to stay in a job if they are dissatisfied.

The role of hardware in employee happiness

Technology is an interestingly important factor in employee happiness but when we scratch beneath the surface it is easy to see why.

Advanced computer hardware enables staff to do their job more easily. A boost in productivity and efficiency is not only valuable from an employer standpoint, but staff enjoy this as well. Superior technology aids workers in producing their best work, quickly and seamlessly. Less downtime and less stress + improved results are the effect of great technology.

Companies that provide the latest computer hardware and maintain up to date technology have happier employees.

happy employees

In addition to enabling better work, the right computer equipment can also offer staff enhanced support and freedom. With portable devices, robustly managed MDMs, and excellent video conferencing and collaboration software, staff can work from anywhere. This cuts down on commute and increases work life balance.

70% of surveyed staff at businesses that were lagging behind in computer hardware tech cited negativity towards their company. 56% cited outdated devices specifically as a cause of their negative feelings. 24% were unhappy that they did not have devices to enable them to perform work while on the move.14% of staff surveyed with old tech, inadequate tech said it made them want to go and work elsewhere.

So, we know that state-of-the-art hardware keeps staff happy. It is an integral part of attracting and retaining talent. But how does leasing help this situation?

Flexi-Lease Helps SMBs Access The Latest Tech

With more modest budgets, smaller businesses in particular can struggle to maintain the best technology for their staff. This puts them in a weaker position for attracting the best candidates and keeping current staff happy and working effectively.

Buying computer equipment is expensive and businesses want to get the biggest bang for their buck. An unfortunate consequence of rapidly advancing technology in the computer and hardware sector results in obsoletion taking place more quickly. A three-year-old device, in a business setting, is already nearing obsoletion.

 There has been a huge rise in portable devices and 2 in 1 devices in recent years as well. Staff may become frustrated at not having this hardware, knowing that it is available on the market.

Leasing solutions like Hardsoft’s Flexi-Lease are affordable for small businesses and can help them attract talent by ensuring they have the best hardware that is always up to date.

flexi lease

A solution like Flexi-Lease is ideal for SMBs. It’s one of the most straightforward and cost-effective leasing solutions on the market.

Its main benefits for small businesses are:

  • It spreads the cost of expensive hardware into small manageable monthly payments
  • It provides the latest computer hardware suited to staff’s roles
  • It comes with extensive all-round support covering device configuration, installation, and ongoing management
  • Hardsoft handle the complete life cycle of the device
  • At two years, devices can be refreshed with newer models for a new lease
  • Small businesses have the choice to cancel, continue or change the lease after two years for hyper flexibility

Flexi-Lease offers advanced tech in an affordable fashion that not only attracts talent but retains it by helping to upgrade your devices and avoid obsoletion.