How Flexi-Lease Helps Post Pandemic Business Recovery

9th December 2021

Flexi-Lease is Hardsoft’s most popular leasing package. It is the most successful solution for businesses of various sizes for spreading the cost of their IT hardware while receiving extensive support.

Our Flexi-Lease as the name would imply, is an incredibly flexible service that puts control in your hands. It can work with you and evolve with your situation.

Businesses love it because it is both simple yet malleable to their requirements, and it comes with plenty of extra benefits besides more manageable monthly payments.

Flexi-Lease offers a 360-degree support wrapper as well as the ability to change the terms of your lease part way through. While Flexi-Lease is a three-year lease, you are by no means stuck with your equipment or terms for the full duration.

After two years, businesses have the option to CHANGE their lease. You can upgrade your products to take advantage of new releases while keeping the old models.

Or you can CONTINUE your lease and keep working towards ownership with the original devices provided.

Or, if the lease is no longer right for you, simply CANCEL after two years and return the devices. Its that easy and flexible.

Sounds great, right? However, this isn’t the only advantage of Flexi-Lease. While these features have made the solution popular, Flexi-Lease can do even more to benefit businesses. The features of this leasing solution have been helping businesses recover following the pandemic. Let’s look at how.

Flexible Leasing For Cash-Strapped Businesses

Many businesses think of leasing computer equipment as a premium option; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

By reducing the cost of hardware to small, manageable monthly repayments, it is much easier for businesses to find that footing again after the pandemic.

One of the big costs of the pandemic from a business perspective was unpredictable disruption to cashflow. Lockdowns created an unprecedented environment for companies. Not only because staff could not work in the office and operations had to rapidly pivot to accommodate this. Businesses also lost revenue in other ways. For many businesses serving the public, they were not allowed to be open during certain lockdowns. Without online services, these companies experienced significant financial losses.

For some industries, selling online simply wasn’t an option, for example if you provide an experiential service. With falling customers and the burden of homebound workers’ pay, businesses were in a tight spot.

Spare cash for investment was out of the question, everyone was in survival mode. Now, with the landscape opening up and everything returning to a semblance of normality, businesses want to market again and look at growth, but are still recovering in terms of their cashflow.

How Can Flexi-Lease Help Businesses Recover?

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A leasing solution, particularly Flexi-Lease provides the ideal features to encourage growth while not over stretching businesses.

Companies are in desperate need of the best hardware for their staff, both in terms of allowing them to produce high quality work, but also adaptable equipment for a mix of home and in-office working. The computer equipment should be cutting edge, with exceptional portability and advanced tech for video conferencing and digital collaborating. A worker is only as good as their tools, especially in such a competitive landscape post pandemic.

Of course, computer equipment is an enormous expenditure if you’re buying, and one which some businesses will want to avoid with their finances in such poor conditions after lockdown.

Flexi-Lease gives that much needed computer hardware at reasonable monthly payments while allowing businesses to change the arrangement as they recover after the pandemic. With three changes to choose from: CHANGE, CONTINUE and CANCEL, businesses can take circumstances as they come without fearing a restrictive lease.

The extra support that comes hand-in-hand with Flexi-Lease allows companies to work with their supplier to troubleshoot challenges and utilise the best tools for their sector and goals. Rather than a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to hardware, businesses can be selective about which devices will suit each member of their team’s role and circumstances and the businesses budget to ensure the best investment.

This detailed, hands-on, yet customisable approach to computer hardware leasing allows businesses to regrown and tackle challenges more easily as they rebuild after the pandemic.