Home Truths: How to Keep Motivated When You Work From Home

18th March 2020
Work from home pressures

As businesses and employees face the threat of Covid-19, more people are facing the prospect of working from home. With a cumulative sum of Coronavirus cases quickly approaching 1,400, working from home is becoming more of a reality. 

While many employees would jump at the idea of working from home, it isn’t ideal for everyone. It takes self-discipline and motivation to be successful at it. 

If you find yourself suddenly working from home, use this guide to help you stay motivated and productive during this uncertain time. 

Wake up Early 

Without an office to rush to, it can be tempting to sleep in. This is a mistake and can lead to you having a lazy approach to the rest of your day. Instead, set your alarm and wake up early. 

This gives you a chance to get organised and have a head start to your day. You won’t feel rushed or stressed as you begin to tackle your projects for the day. By the time mid-day comes, you’ll have accomplished something. 

This will help you keep motivated when working from home and continue the trend through the afternoon. 

Keep a Routine 

Experts say that when you create a routine, you signal to your brain when it’s time to do things. Many people use this strategy when getting ready for bed so they can get a solid night’s sleep. You can use it to signal to your brain that it’s time to work. 

An example routine would be something like this: 

  • Wake up
  • Work out 
  • Shower 
  • Eat breakfast 
  • Create the day’s to-do list
  • Get to work 

Get Dressed 

Dressing sloppy leads to a sloppy work ethic. The idea that home workers work in their pyjamas is a misconception. You don’t have to wear a full suit at home, but you should make an effort. 

Getting dressed will help you to feel professional, confident, and prepared for the day. It will also be necessary if your company has spontaneous video calls and meetings. So take the time to put on a nice pair of pants, a decent shirt, brush your teeth, and style your hair. 

Create a Space 

Since you don’t usually work from home, this tip will require you to do some redesigning in your home. By creating a designated space, you can reduce distractions and working from home stress. When you sit down at the desk, it’s work time, and all other activities in the home should be avoided. 

Find a desk or table that is a decent height. Place a comfortable chair in front of it. Then add some light to make viewing your computer screen comfortable. 

Finally, set up your space with the equipment and technology you need to do your job. This could include a laptop, printer, monitor, phone, or tablet. 

Successfully Work From Home

If your company has told you to work from home, follow these tips to stay motivated. It can be stressful and distracting with the current world events, but by creating a routine and workspace, you can train yourself to stay focused and productive. 

Contact our team today and let’s discuss how our devices for teams can keep your employees safe and productive while working from home.