Why Your Business Gains More Than Hardware With Computer Leasing

7th December 2021
HardSoft Benefits

The most obvious pros of leasing computers are immediately apparent to everyone. Anyone who has leased anything at all, whether it’s a car, a property, plant equipment, tools, knows that leasing helps spread the cost of these items.

Paying for a property or an order of computer hardware is a very large expenditure. For businesses, bulk buying hardware all at once is a major dent in their finances.

Of course, there are many additional benefits to leasing computer equipment:

Avoid obscelence
  • Access to the latest tech – You can lease the very latest in computer technology. With many of Hardsoft’s leases, including our most popular; Flexi-Lease, you can keep upgrading to ensure you always have the most up to date tech. This gives you the power and speed of the best devices.

  • No obsoletion – With Hardsoft’s ultra-flexible leasing solution like Flexi-Lease, you can upgrade your devices regularly. Not only does this give you powerful new hardware, but it also prevents obsoletion.

It isn’t simply that new hardware is good, but, unfortunately, older hardware can be a hazard. With tech advancing faster and faster, tech becomes obsolete more quickly. Its software will not continue to be supported.

Before that even occurs, it will become slow, develop faults, and cause extended downtime. There is also the issue of its software no longer being compatible with newer releases and the problem of security gaps. With leasing and regular upgrades, obsoletion need never be a problem again.

In the case of buying, the problem of obsoletion is increased since you buy the hardware outright and want to make the most out of the large expenditure before upgrading.

  • Better productivity – Naturally leasing gives access to the latest, best hardware, which is fast and powerful resulting in an increase in staff productivity.

  • Better work quality – With speed, power, extra features, and amazing applications, comes increased quality of output from your staff because they have advanced tools

  • Enhanced collaboration – As tech advances, video conferencing and collaborative working apps improve. Leasing the latest tech will boost collaboration in your business.

  • Assured compatibility – It’s important to stay up to date with hardware to ensure your staff’s hardware and software is compatible with each other and your clients.

  • The best cyber security – Up to date business hardware comes with enhanced cyber security from client and company data breaches. However, over time the security becomes obsolete as well.
Increase productivity

Flexi-Lease: Service Beyond Hardware

All of the benefits outlined above are the advantages that leasing provides by ensuring your equipment is high quality and up to date, however, a leasing solution brings a multitude of tangible benefits that go beyond the hardware itself.

Leasing solutions like Hardsoft’s Flexi-Lease offer:

  • A lease that can adapt to your changing circumstances
  • Granular control by you
  • 360-degree support
  • Expert knowledge

Flexi-Lease packages are Hardsoft’s most popular leases thanks to all the additional benefits that they offer business beyond the hardware. As well as having first class equipment, businesses crave a device solution that is customisable, malleable, efficient, and that can help their business grow and achieve their goals.

Flexi-Lease is an excellent choice to enable all of this. It is a three-year lease but at two years you can change the conditions of your arrangement.

Why Does Hardsoft Allow Changes To Your Lease After 2 Years?

After two years, the top manufacturers will have released even more new devices, so this is the perfect time to upgrade and access new tech. Hardsoft let’s you take on new devices on a lease while keeping the old ones if you choose.

On the other hand, your circumstances might have changed. If your business is going in a completely different direction, you may not want to be trapped in the lease for another year, so after 2, you can cancel, risk and penalty free.

Some companies will just want to continue their lease as normal for the final year without interruption or fuss, so they can work towards ownership, and that’s fine too.

This makes Flexi-Lease an incredibly versatile and adaptive solution for businesses in all sorts of circumstances. It also puts the control and decision making in your hands.

By leasing computer equipment with Hardsoft, you also receive 360-degree support. We can help with:

  • Choosing your equipment via evaluation of your business
  • Deployment and remote setup of equipment via systems such as Apple Business Manager and Microsoft Autopilot
  • Installation
  • Setting you up with a suitable MDM and helping you add all your new devices to it
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs

There’s no need for an IT department at all when you partner with Hardsoft as the support is second to none.

On top of all of this, leasing with Hardsoft still has more advantages, including expert strategic advice on the best devices for your objectives and accidental damage cover.

You might have noticed, if you’ve ever read the fine print on your home computer equipment warranties, that most warranties no longer cover accidental damage, such as dropping devices or spills. Hardsoft has gone further by offering accidental damage cover for your devices on lease with us. This is completely free for Apple products and comes with a very small extra fee of £1.20 per week for PC products.

The Bottom Line

Leasing solutions can benefit businesses and provide services that go far beyond just the hardware you will receive. The support offered on a computer hardware leasing solution can support your company to have smoother operations, more assistance with management, and the ability to grow your business by taking the burden of computer hardware out of the equation.