Why More Small Businesses Trust Device Leasing Over Buying

5th December 2021
Small business

While purchasing has been the traditional way for businesses to source their IT hardware for many decades, increasingly companies are turning to leasing.

Leasing used to be perceived as more expensive overall, which, in the initial years of its growing popularity, discouraged many smaller businesses, despite the numerous benefits.

Price of business computers

However, as leasing becomes more and more popular, even smaller companies with more modest budgets are realising that leasing computer devices from the right supplier can be more advantageous, predictable, and financially sound than buying. It is no longer considered a premium service purely for bigger corporations.

Why Would Smaller Businesses Prefer Leasing Over Other Options

Leasing and buying aren’t the only two avenues for businesses to source computer devices. Companies might also:

  • Take out a loan
  • Use lines of credit
  • Or try factoring

Yet leasing is increasingly the most trusted strategy for securing hardware because it is predictable.

The very feature that makes it desirable over buying is the thing that makes it superior to other options as well.

With loans and lines of credit the interest rates may fluctuate during the term of the agreement.

Leasing always has a fixed rate for the whole term of the lease. The result is that a business can not only spread big costs out, but also, they can be predictable fixed repayments over the terms of their lease. There are no surprises or hidden costs.

Of course, not all computer hardware leases are the same. It is important for a company to choose the best one for their needs and budget.

For smaller companies, Hardsoft recommend Flexi-Lease. Not only is it our most popular leasing solution, but it also has some key benefits for smaller businesses.

The Financial Benefits Of Leasing Computer Devices For SMBs

  • Spread The Cost
  • Tax Benefits
  • Predictable Payments
  • No Changes
  • Less Hidden Extras

Spread the cost – Smaller companies feel the brunt of a large expenditure more than SMEs and larger firms. By spreading that cost out, cashflow is improved and investment in profit-driven marketing need not be delayed or a huge risk.

Tax benefits – Hardsoft provide finance leases and OPEX (operating leases) for businesses. Leased computer devices are 100% tax deductible. When you buy the beneficial tax relief is experienced all in one go. Much as you can spread the cost of the hardware on a lease, you also spread the tax relief. Both of these features prevent peaks and troughs in small businesses budgets and provide a consistent experience.

Predictable Payments – Every month the amount you pay is manageable and also predictable. You’ll know exactly when you need to pay and how much throughout your contract.

No Changes – There’s no fluctuating rates with a lease, just a fixed monthly payment.

Less Hidden Extras – When buying computer devices, you are also responsible for keeping them maintained and the security software updated. These hidden extra costs soon mount up for a small business.

Other Advantages Of Leasing For Smaller Businesses

Not all the advantages of leasing are financial. In addition to the excellent benefits to your annual budget, small businesses are trusting leasing because of the many ways in which it makes daily operations easier.

Full support with HardSoft

With a lease, a business enjoys:

  • Support
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Upgrades
  • Operational Ease
  • Supplier Relationship
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Multiple Choices

Support – In-depth, responsive support comes with a Hardsoft lease. Our team is on standby whenever you need assistance with your new hardware and how best to use it. Whether it’s installing software, or aiding with configuration or adding to an MDM, Hardsoft can take care of it. This is a big weight off your mind.

Simplicity – Modern leases aren’t about bogging you down with endless legal jargon. Leases have become simplified and easy to understand. It’s quick and simple to start or end a lease. You’ll never be in any confusion as to your terms. Hardsoft’s leases are very straightforward and simple.

Flexibility – With solutions like Flexi-Lease small businesses have a lot of options to suit them as they grow or as their situation changes. Even in industries with a high and low season, Flexi-Lease provides suitable options. It is a three-year lease with options to change at the two-year mark. After two years, you can continue working towards ownership, change to newer equipment on a new lease while keeping the older equipment, or cancel the lease and return the equipment. Simple, flexible, and easy.

Upgrades – Packages including Flexi-Lease are beneficial for ensuring staff always have the latest tech. Most packages from Hardsoft have upgrade options built into the lease, so obsoletion is never a worry.

Operational Ease – With Hardsoft there to assist with maintenance and management of your devices this takes a big operational burden off of the business. In small business, with no IT department and less staff, this is an important benefit.

35 years trusted partner

Supplier Relationship – Hardsoft maintains a close ongoing relationship with our clients. Small businesses can have the security and support of that close contact to ensure their equipment and lease is always working optimally for their requirements and objectives.

Responsiveness – Hardsoft are renowned in the industry and among our clients for being the most responsive lease providers. Everything is sorted out smoothly and quickly when you begin your lease process, so that the devices are in your staff’s hands swiftly. When you require support, our team ensure you experience minimal downtime.

Reliability – Hardsoft are reliable when it comes to a partner you can trust to support and guide you with your device strategy. Leasing is far more reliable than loans or buying. Leases ensure the security and maintenance of your devices, the same payment each month and rapid support.

Multiple Choices – There are many different types of devices, which you can lease from top manufacturers and many leasing formats which you can choose from like Flexi-Lease, Pure Rental and Devices For Teams.