Why Leasing Hardware Enables Faster Scaleups

14th July 2021
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Scaling up a business isn’t easy. Even the most highly valued startups face difficulty in becoming successful scaleups and maintaining their growth targets.

The biggest hurdle is stretching their initial funding rounds to adequately cover their growth while becoming profitable.

There’s a common saying in business that ‘you must spend money to make money’. While this is true, especially of scaleups, it’s a difficult balance to strike to maintain fast, adequate growth, so that investors see returns.

What makes truly prosperous scaleups is the ability to spend that funding on profit driven investments, such as marketing campaigns and automation software. While simultaneous limiting big expenditures.

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Unfortunately, there are many necessities for a functioning business that don’t directly equate into revenue in the short term. These outgoings can be a big problem for scaleups looking to make fast returns and stretch that funding to its maximum potential.

One example is staff and their devices. Businesses need talent to produce and market their product or service. Those employees require adequate technology to fulfil their duties and further the business.

Tech hardware is one of the most expensive purchases a company can make. If a scaleup is growing rapidly in size of staff, then that’s a lot of new devices.

The worst part is not all the devices will be required at the same time, or to fulfil the same role. It is not uncommon for the workforce to change swiftly in size and personnel in a scaleup, as the team must take on many shifting responsibilities.

Device leasing is one of the best ways that scaleups can spread the cost of their hardware and save money.  

Device Leasing for Scaleups

arm your team with the devices to succeed

Leasing hardware is ideal for scaleups compared to buying, as it reduces the upfront costs and is tax-friendly.

With better cashflow, scaleups can push their funding into the most profitable campaigns that work to broaden their audience and demand for their services.

But leasing isn’t simply beneficial because of good cashflow. In addition to costing less, it helps make scaleups more adaptable and saves money in multiple areas of the business.

One common difference between ambitious scaleups and other SMEs is their changeability. Scaleups are actively growing and very quickly. They need to be hyper modern, disruptive sectors that innovate and grow the job market. They’re investing in the latest technology and have to be malleable in order to grow quickly.

The consequence is methods such as temporarily teams, easily shiftable teams, plus lots of new staff at short notice.

Therefore, their hardware needs will change more quickly than other companies and they might have fewer permanent workers in static roles.

One month they may require more devices, the next less. In one quarter they may need more laptops and the next more iPhones. This is a big problem if devices are purchased.

However, if devices are leased then there is no wasted expenditure. Leasing contracts are also far more flexible than buying.

Hardsoft’s Flexible Device Leasing For Scaleups

6 windows devices for £47 a week

Thanks to Hardsoft’s various leasing solutions, different types of scaleups can benefit from low cost, flexible devices packages to suit their model.

We’ve already worked with several high performing scaleups by providing hyper customisable hardware leasing solutions. This allowed those scaleups to grow quickly and achieve their targets.

Echo by Lloyds Pharmacy and Lab are just two of the pioneering scaleups that have achieved their growth projections thanks to using leasing solutions and working alongside Hardsoft.

Find out more about how we helped Lab with Leasing Devices…

Discover how Hardsoft’s Leasing Solution benefited Echo by Lloyds Pharmacy…

Our Flexi-Lease and Pure Rental are two great leasing solutions to help scaleups.

Flexi-lease allows business to change, stop, or continue their lease at any time with the ability to own the devices at the end of the lease.

Pure Rental is one of the most cost-effective ways for scaleups to get their hands on devices temporarily.

Scaleups looking to drive the most growth and adopt a device strategy that continually works with their goals will want to look at our DaaS solution.

Hardsoft’s Device for Teams not only spreads the costs of obtaining devices, but our Premium DaaS enables scaleups to upgrade, swap and return devices as needed, It includes a support wrapper and fully configured devices for added productivity.

DaaS offers the most adaptable options for ambitious scaleups who need a solution that changes and flexes with their requirements. By reducing outgoings and boosting productivity, a DaaS solution allows scaleups to grow faster than any other leasing solution.