The Best Hardware Financing Options For Scaling Businesses

9th July 2021
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When you’re rapidly expanding your workforce, equipment financing can seem complex.

Scaleup businesses must invest to develop their offering and attract new customers in order to drive that 20% growth year on year.

A big part of this will be growing your pool of talent. This new team will require high performing IT hardware to better service your customers.

Adaptable, powerful devices aren’t cheap. It can be a big expenditure for a growing company. This can stretch your funding thin when you’re looking to scaleup. Any large expenditures can stagnate growth if they don’t lead to quick returns. This is one of the major challenges for any scaleup business.

 However, leasing hardware provides a much better financial option for scaleups.

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Why Leasing Is Better For Scaleups?

Leasing devices is beneficial for scaleups as it allows them to reduce large financial outgoings and spread their costs out. Leasing is tax-friendly and enables better cash flow to put into profit-driven investments and campaigns that deliver faster returns.

Leasing is also much more flexible. There are many different ways to lease devices, all of which help spread the cost of your equipment. Hardsoft has multiple solutions to make sourcing hardware easy for rapidly growing scaleups.

Some options allow you to work towards owning the devices and others let you flex the amount and type of devices depending on your scaling needs.

Device Leasing For Scaleups Option 1 – DaaS

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. It is one of the most modern forms of hardware leasing and has become highly popular with scaleups, particularly during the pandemic, thanks to its flexibility.

DaaS puts the emphasis on ‘service’ for your lease. You work with your supplier, in this case, Hardsoft, to find a hardware solution that works best for your teams and business objectives.

Why DaaS Works For Scaleup Businesses

6 apple devices for £38 a week

DaaS is one of the most customisable and adaptable leasing solutions for scaleups.

It works best with fast growing scaleup businesses in modern industries like tech.

With profitable scaleups who are constantly changing, DaaS works with your company to achieve your goals.

With Hardsoft’s Devices for Teams, scaleups lease devices, but can flex the number of devices throughout the lease to match their needs. Additionally, there are no penalties for returning devices, and this is unique to Hardsoft’s package.

All of our leases for scaleups come with a support wrapper. All devices can be fully setup and configured with your individual team member’s apps and accounts, so they are ready to go out of the box. This provides higher efficiency and productivity for your staff.

DaaS enables your scaleup to regularly upgrade to the latest technology and the devices that will best suit your current team dynamic. You can also exchange devices if some of your workforce become remote workers and require different hardware.

Device Leasing For Scaleups Option 2 – Flexi-Lease

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A secure and supported 3-year lease with options to CHANGE the conditions of the lease, CONTINUE or CANCEL.

With the CHANGE option you can get a new machine to lease, while still keeping the old one. This helps avoid obsoletion with quickly developing technology in the world of IT.

You can continue the original lease and gain ownership of the hardware or cancel and return your devices.

Why Flexi-Lease Works For Scaleup Businesses

3 years is a long time for a scaleup. A huge amount can change. The business could be sold or reach its IPO. Teams, staff sizes and output can shift dramatically as the business scales up quickly to meet its goals.

The result is that a leasing contract that was suitable at the start of 3 years may not fit partway through. Flexi-Lease is designed to address this.

With options to change the devices, continue the lease as normal or cancel the lease, this gives scaleups plenty of solutions as their business changes.

Device Leasing For Scaleups Option 3 – Pure Rental

Pure Rental is exactly what it says on the tin. There is no working towards ownership, you simply rent the devices and return them at the end of the lease.

Outstanding hardware is available at heavy discounts for scaleups on the Pure Rental package.

Why Pure Rental Works For Scaleup Businesses

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If your core object is cost reduction, then Pure Rental can be an excellent solution. It is the cheapest solution for scaleups, allowing them to access devices for their staff at low prices quickly.

Which Solution Is Right For My Scaleup?

Hardsoft is happy to provide a consultation to identify your business goals and choose the best device solution for your needs.

The hyper flexible and customisable DaaS package is ideal for truly ambitious scaleups looking to maximise growth and adaptability. Hardsoft now have an Essentials DaaS package and a Premium DaaS package withing their Devices for Teams option. This makes DaaS even more flexible and affordable.

Both Flexi-Lease and Pure Rental can work well for scaleups, or smaller startups, but Devices for Teams is designed to meet the unique needs of scaleups.