How Does DaaS Help Scale Ups Grow Faster?

6th August 2021
Scaleup startup

What is Daas?

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. It is a form of IT hardware leasing.

Much like other forms of device leasing, it works primarily by spreading the cost of your team’s IT equipment. Rather than paying a large sum at once when buying devices outright, businesses can pay a smaller amount each month to lease the hardware.

What makes DaaS different from other types of device leasing is the emphasis on service for the customer. Under a DaaS lease agreement, the business isn’t working towards paying off the cost of individual devices in order to own them. Instead, devices can be frequently upgraded to the latest technology to avoid obsoletion.

The number of leased devices in a DaaS package can also be scaled up or down to meet the business’s needs. Devices can also be swapped to meet the shifting requirements of your workforce, for example, a staff member may need to swap a desktop PC for a hybrid laptop-tablet.

Essentially, DaaS is a highly flexible leasing solution that comes with extra layers of support. The details of the lease can shift to help a business reach its targets and goals.

What is a scale up?

scale up your tech

A scale up is a business that is growing by 20% year on year for at least three years. The growth must be in terms of turnover or employee number, ideally both.

Scale up businesses were usually start ups created by entrepreneurs with an innovative idea that shakes up a market and creates high demand that attracts investors.

The businesses typically follow a business growth and marketing strategy, implemented specifically with a view to become a rapid scale up with exponential growth. Having acquired funding from investors, the aim of scale ups is to rapidly grow and become highly profitable.

Why Is IT Hardware An Issue For Scale Up Businesses?

Moving from start up business to scale up business is exceedingly challenging. Even businesses that acquire their funding needs from investors can face a tough time. To achieve the kind of rapid growth required, firms must have far more incoming revenue than outgoing expenditure.

Unfortunately, the cost of business and expansion can be great. Scale ups must achieve a delicate balancing act of spending the right money at the right times to facilitate profit generation.

IT hardware is a notorious hurdle when scale ups expand their workforce. It is a necessity for staff to do their work and yet, on its own, doesn’t produce immediate return on investment. It is also expensive and a seemingly unavoidable expenditure. Leasing offers an ideal solution to this problem for scale ups.

How Does The DaaS Leasing Model Aid Fast Business Growth?

While there are several different types of device leasing options available to business, none suit ambitious scale ups better than DaaS.


The ultimate flexibility of DaaS packages, and how they can grow and change with a business, makes them uniquely suited for the scale up world.

Scale ups are modern, fast developing, and quickly changing. With an expanding, shifting workforce and strategies for growth flexing regularly, these businesses require an adaptable package.

With DaaS’s in built upgrades, extensive support and customisability, it allows scale ups the freedom to shift their plans regularly as is required to hit their targets.

The upgrades in particular are crucial to scale ups who must maintain high levels of productivity with little downtime to generate the best output and create profit.

DaaS does all this while helping scale ups limit large expenditure. This in turn enables them to have better cashflow and focus their funds on profit driven investments.

Additionally, the added support elements of most DaaS packages make the relationship between supplier and client more akin to a partnership. The supplier can work alongside the scale up to better understand their plans and operations. Using their extensive knowledge of IT hardware, they can then advise the business on which technology will be the most suited for a particular role. The strategic and agile relationship is why DaaS goes far beyond other types of leasing in helping scale ups hit that fast, rapid growth.

The Most Flexible DaaS Solution For Scale Ups

Devices for Teams is Hardsoft’s very own DaaS solution. It is unique among DaaS solutions, with extra features to make it even more adaptable for scale up businesses.

There are several extras that make Device For Teams extra special, including:

essential and premium
  1. Mix & Match – With most other DaaS packages you are limited to one type of device e.g., Lenovo equipment or Apple equipment. Scale ups frequently find themselves in need of a wide range of devices to fulfill different roles. Hardsoft are one of the few suppliers who can provide all kinds of manufacturers’ devices within one DaaS package. This is because Hardsoft are accredited suppliers of Apple, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo and Dell.

  2. Multiple Level Packages. – We have two packages within D4T; Essentials & Premium. Both systems will aid scale ups spread costs on devices and access streamlined IT hardware for outstanding performance. Premium allows for easy replacing, returning and swapping of devices throughout the lease. Essential enables businesses to enjoy DaaS while spreading their costs even further.

  3. No Return Penalties – D4T is one of the only DaaS package that does not penalise the business for returning devices. It truly is able to flex up and down with your company.