How Can Leasing Simplify Computer Hardware For SMBs?

29th November 2021
Leasing for small businesses

Acquiring IT devices is often a headache for small businesses. Some of the challenges include:

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  • Cost
  • Setup
  • Installation
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Choosing The Right Devices
  • Adapting

Cost is usually the most apparent and concerning for SMBs with limited budgets.

However, as we can see from the list above there are several stumbling blocks regarding IT devices that can result in, not only hidden additional costs, but lost time as well.

Setup, installation, security, maintenance, and repair all cost additional funds on top of the IT devices themselves. These hidden costs can make a large, bulk outgoing expenditure like computer equipment even worse for small businesses.

Since Hardware is crucial to day-to-day business operations, it is difficult for small companies to avoid the negative financial impact of these expenditures.

Additionally, these requirements also cost time. They create downtime for staff while installation and maintenance etc. take place. All this contributes to disruption, more lost time for workers and drops in productivity.

Time To Simplify

Flexi-Lease is a computer equipment leasing solution by Hardsoft. Leasing IT devices can improve cashflow and make acquiring hardware more straightforward for companies. It spreads the cost of the devices into more manageable monthly payments.

Leasing is a perfect option for managing the cost of hardware, but specialist packages like Flexi-Lease can simplify the whole process in many ways.

Flexi-Lease is a our most popular leasing solution and with good reason. The point is in the name, and Flexi-Lease lives up to this by being extremely flexible for companies to use.

This three-year lease can be tweaked at the two-year mark, which is very useful for businesses that find their situation has changed. At two years, they can continue the lease as intended, working towards ownership, cancel the lease, or change it with upgrades to new devices while keeping the old ones.

Thanks to this flexible approach and extra layers of support built into the package, Flexi-Lease can simplify IT devices for companies by handling all the installation, setup, maintenance, and security while also letting you change the lease after only two years.

Why Does Choosing The Right Devices Matter?

Flexi-Lease has many benefits for small companies. One of the ways it can simplify the whole process of IT hardware for busy CEOs is by helping you choose the right devices.

There are a multitude of high performing business computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and more on the market from top manufacturers. Each can offer a savvy way to work but it helps when the device matches the employee and role they perform.

How Can Leasing Simplify Device Choice For SMBs?

Hardsoft can evaluate your industry, business goals, budget, and team to help recommend the most suited devices. With a proper device strategy, your staff can produce their best work and increase output quality.

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Hardsoft have over 30 years’ experience leasing computer equipment and are certified resellers of all the top manufacturers, including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, and HP. This gives our team an understanding of how each device and model can perform for a given role.

By using our evaluation and support, it takes so much of the guess work out of sourcing IT devices.

With Hardsoft, many of the frustrating aspects of hardware are simplified. We can help with support, system setup, adding your devices to MDMs, warranties, and accidental damage support.

What Does Adaptivity Mean For SMB’s IT Devices?

Another unforeseen challenge that can arise when sourcing hardware is the matter of adaptivity. Systems like Flexi-Lease make the leasing package malleable to your situation, but the devices themselves must be adaptive as well.

When purchasing rather than leasing, you are stuck with the same devices. They are a large expenditure, yet become obsolete quickly with the speed of advancing tech.

IT devices perform better for your company when they are adaptable to the situation, i.e., portable devices, and adaptable in technology i.e., upgradable.

Flexi-Lease not only helps you select the perfect devices, but you can upgrade your device after two years, ensuring that your technology is always up to the task.