What’s The Difference Between A Startup And A Scaleup Business?

18th May 2023

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are several types of businesses that can be classified based on their size, growth potential, and funding requirements. Two of the most commonly used terms to describe such businesses are “startup” and “scaleup.” While they may sound similar, there are distinct differences between them. In this article, we will […]

Return of the Dock – A Guide to Laptop Docking Stations

12th January 2023

What are laptop docking stations? The ongoing rise in laptop docking station popularity is both reasonable and undeniable: in the modern tech climate, professionals can require a multitude of peripherals, and so extra ports are a must. Laptop docking stations offer a more efficient way of connecting multiple peripherals to your laptop, a critical solution […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 versus Surface Pro 9 5G

5th January 2023

Understanding and comparing the new Surface Pro 9 You may have heard some buzz surrounding Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro announcement – and whether you’re excited or underwhelmed, there is no denying that the devices from this release are sparking divisive conversation within the tech industry. Two seemingly very similar laptops The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 […]

Myth Busting Computer Leasing: Is It Really Too Time Consuming?

1st January 2023

There are plenty of outdated myths that are still floating around regarding computer leasing. Negative perceptions persist in the minds of some business owners based mainly on an unfortunate mix of: Sadly, this prevents some companies from taking the leap with computer leasing, which could improve their cashflow by spreading the cost of devices. Modern […]

Simple Computer Hardware Storage Solutions For Businesses With Boomerang

28th December 2022

Businesses could benefit from affordable and easy-to-use computer hardware storage solutions with Boomerang. Boomerang is a computer hardware reprovisioning service that also comes with many useful extra features that you won’t find in most reprovisioning services on the market. Computer hardware reprovisioning services, or computer device repurposing, as it is sometimes known, allows businesses to […]

How To Retrieve Hardware from Ex-Staff With Boomerang Reprovisioning Service

22nd December 2022

What Can The Boomerang Computer Device Reprovisioning Service Do For Your Businesses? Reprovisioning services, also known as computer device repurposing services, allow you to do more with your IT resources.  Computer reprovisioning services like Boomerang make it easier to:  Reprovisioning is, therefore, useful to your business device strategy. It extends the utility of valuable hardware […]

What Is Computer Equipment Repurposing?

30th November 2022

Computer equipment repurposing allows businesses to reuse their computer devices in a completely new and revolutionary way. By repurposing computer hardware, businesses can save time and money, better utilise their resources, and help the environment. Computer equipment repurposing is a new computer device life-cycle management service by Hardsoft that we have named Boomerang. This is […]

A Guide To Leasing Business Computers For New Startups

25th July 2022

Welcome to Hardsoft’s latest computer leasing guide. We have produced many informative articles and workbooks to provide guidance and education for companies looking into computer leasing for the first time, or who want to learn more about how it can benefit their business goals. Other Useful Computer Leasing Guides: The Ultimate Guide To IT Leasing […]

Which Financing Method Is Right For Your Startup?

11th August 2021

There are a host of options for new startups looking to source their pre-seed and seed funding. These days, financing your startup isn’t a one size fits all situation. From traditional investors to crowdfunding, and loans, there’s no shortage of avenues to explore. The best solution will depend on your industry, market niche, and business […]