HardSoft is the UK’s leading computer leasing and Device as a Service solution provider. 

5th October 2021

We’re also an Apple Approved Reseller, and our goal is to offer unique and flexible packages to suit each businesses tech and finance needs.  One of the solutions we offer is Devices for Teams, which is our flexible Device as a Service “DaaS” solution, but we’ll talk more about that shortly.  The iMac 24”, MacBook […]

Scaling up Post Pandemic: What Are The Challenges?

19th August 2021

Many businesses will be thrilled that a rapid vaccine programme has encouraged the government to lift coronavirus restrictions in England. Lockdown and social distancing laws forced many businesses to pivot both their day-to-day operations and marketing at lightning speed. Understandably, numerous businesses struggled, so it is easy to see why many would see the lifting […]

Which Financing Method Is Right For Your Startup?

11th August 2021

There are a host of options for new startups looking to source their pre-seed and seed funding. These days, financing your startup isn’t a one size fits all situation. From traditional investors to crowdfunding, and loans, there’s no shortage of avenues to explore. The best solution will depend on your industry, market niche, and business […]

How Device Strategies Help Scaleups’ Cashflow

9th August 2021

but very few think about their device strategies. Even highly modern, rapidly growing tech scaleups can underappreciate the value of a device strategy. Having a clear device strategy, just as you would with your marketing, can save time, money, improve working conditions for staff, create better productivity, and yet yield higher quality work output. Device […]

How Does DaaS Help Scale Ups Grow Faster?

6th August 2021

What is Daas? DaaS stands for Device as a Service. It is a form of IT hardware leasing. Much like other forms of device leasing, it works primarily by spreading the cost of your team’s IT equipment. Rather than paying a large sum at once when buying devices outright, businesses can pay a smaller amount […]

Understanding Scaleup Terminology

2nd August 2021

The Current State of Scaleup Businesses in the UK Scaleup businesses have been big drivers for the economy in the UK. In recent years they’ve been creating innovation and boosting the job market more than any other type of SME. While the pandemic has caused challenges for many companies, scaleups have faced particular difficulty in […]

Mistakes to Avoid with a New Startup

30th July 2021

A startup looking to become a profitable, fast-growing scaleup company isn’t your standard small business. Startups are a completely different breed of business, and the vast majority will fail. Some will completely sink, and others will simply fail to transform into scaleups that see a return for their investors. There are a host of factors […]

What’s The Right Type of Investor For Your Scaleup?

26th July 2021

There are a variety of funding avenues available for scaleups looking to score their Series A, B or C funding. Not all investor types are the same. The suitability of investors for a scaleup company will depend on your industry, goals, size and much more. Each type of investor funding offers different advantages for the […]

Scaleup Vs Startup: Key Differences

20th July 2021

Hardsoft has a selection of leasing packages that are perfectly suited to match the needs of aspiring scaleups and startups. Both of these types of businesses are looking to save money while actively growing. Leasing IT devices can provide the opportunity to utilise the best equipment while reducing and spreading the cost of IT hardware. […]

How Affordable Tech Is Improving Small Business Efficiency

15th July 2021

There’s traditionally been a clear-cut dynamic when it comes to business size: big companies would have all the resources to spend heavily on improvement and marketing, but their small startup counterparts would have far greater flexibility and freedom to operate creatively. Over time, though, old attitudes have been worn down, and it’s become more common […]

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