Think Business, Think Quality, Think Samsung Galaxy Books

2nd November 2021
think business think quality think Samsung Galaxy book

Business owners are faced with many decent options when it comes to premium business laptops to lease for their staff.

The devices that will be recommended to you will depend on your sector, budget, leasing solution, and the requirements of your staff, and their roles.

There are plenty of fantastic options available from the leading manufacturers. However, if you’re…

samsung laptop showing the amoled screen
  • Looking for excellent premium business laptops +
  • Want to have the whole company on the same devices,
  • Yet have staff performing very different roles

Then Samsung’s Galaxy Books are a strong contender.

Why Consider The Samsung Brand?

Samsung are experts in computer equipment and all electronics. Chances are that you have Samsung appliances in your home right now. When it comes to complex electronic consumer goods, such as televisions and cooking appliances, Samsung are one of the most trusted and recognised brands in the world.

Interestingly, even if you believe that you’ve never used a Samsung business laptop before, it is likely that, in a way, you actually have. This is because Samsung make a great deal of electronic components that other manufacturers use in the creation of their business laptops.

Despite the association with end user consumer goods, Samsung know quality electronics and they know business laptops better than most. The brand and its engineers have some of the most comprehensive and detailed knowledge on the quality materials required for premium business grade devices that deliver the highest performance possible.

But what does make a quality business laptop in the first place?

Business Quality Vs Consumer Quality Devices

The price tag on business laptops is the first notable feature that sets them apart from consumer devices.

Most large companies who’ve had a history of leasing premium business devices know exactly why this is, yet smaller businesses might be tempted to skimp on hardware and wonder if the higher cost is all about just slapping the word ‘business’ on a product for a higher profit.

The answer is no. Business-grade laptops should have some fundamental differences compared to consumer models that your company should seek. Most manufacturers have consumer models and business versions of their devices.

thin Samsung laptop like PC
  1. Materials – Business laptops usually contain more metal in their cases, whereas consumer versions can have more plastic. They must be strong and durable to withstand being transferred to and from the office regularly in cars, planes, and trains. Most are shock resistant.

  2. Testing – Business laptops undergo more stress testing and damage testing to ensure that they are extremely durable and stand the test of time, compared to consumer models.

  3. Extended warranties – While most consumer laptops come with only a one-year warranty, business devices usually have an extended three-year warranty. After three years you will usually be ready for an upgrade.

  4. Better Service and Repair Plans – With business laptops, you tend to have more comprehensive service and repair packages. Repairs will be carried out faster with loaned devices provided while yours is repaired. This allows you to maintain your business operations without disruption.

  5. Different Hardware – While many of the components will be similar to consumer models, there should be some differences if you are truly getting a worthwhile premium business laptop. Business laptops usually have better HD cameras and crisper audio for video conferencing. Solid-state hard drives with no moving parts are more common among business laptops, so the parts aren’t broken if they are jostled or dropped. SSD hard drives are also fast and maintain their speed for longer, which is a big benefit for businesses,

  6. Better Security – Businesses are often responsible for protecting sensitive legal, financial, and private client data. That’s why business laptops come with enhanced security software and features. Increasingly biometric fingerprint access is a feature seen on business laptops.

  7. Less Bloatware – When you buy a consumer device, the systems often come with more programmes and software than you personally require. This is called bloatware and it can slow down your machine overtime. Business laptops come with less general bloatware. There is also the option with some providers to customise precisely what software comes preloaded for even less bloatware and more relevant functionality.

  8. More Business Orientated Apps – In addition to less bloatware, business laptops come with applications specifically for the working environment. These often include productivity and collaboration apps.

  9. Minimalist Aesthetic – While personal laptops frequently come in bright colours, business laptops usually have a sleek and modern yet minimalist design. They blend in with any office and typically come in black, white, silver or navy.
samsung laptop turning into tablet

Why are business laptops better?

It isn’t about end-users being ripped off. Premium business laptops have that higher price tag because they have greater quality and capabilities. They need those extra features.

Unless you’re going all the way to gaming laptops, (which are in a league of their own, and different once again from either standard end-user models or business laptops), then standard laptops don’t need to perform like business models.

Most end user models will not be extensively utilised for:

  • Video conferencing
  • Video editing
  • Design
  • Complex reporting
  • Industry-specific third-party technology
  • Multiple types of power-draining software

All business laptops have to put up with heavy usage compared to consumer laptops. For many industries, the power and speeds required will be a lot greater. Some technical and creative sectors will need powerful software particularly if editing is involved.

Why Choose Galaxy Books For Your Business?

Samsung’s Galaxy Books have all the advantages of other high end, high performing business laptops. What makes them unique is their excellent balance of speed for efficiency, power for hefty programmes and multi-tasking, and a lightweight design for easy transportation.

Samsung Galaxy Book

On top of this, there are lots of customisation options for the business models, allowing businesses to select the power that they require. This customisation and power enables the Samsung Galaxy Books to be honed for any type of business in any sector.

This versatility and power is what helps Samsung business laptops stand out against other strong contenders.

With its power and speed also comes a highly intuitive design, so the learning curve is virtually non-existent for staff, further boosting their happiness and productivity.