The history of Samsung laptops

5th January 2022
Samsung laptops

Samsung is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Renowned for manufacturing some of the world’s best electrical products, Samsung’s extraordinary growth is down to its dedication to remaining one step ahead of the competition and constantly embracing the latest technology.

The brand manufactures high-performance laptops and has grown significantly, from selling 100,000 laptops in the late 1990s to 1.5 million in 2007 and 10 million by 2010 – an astounding achievement.

If you have ever wondered about the history of Samsung laptops, we’ve created a guide outlining the history of Samsung laptop production.

samsung 8 bit spc 1000


In 1983, Samsung launched its very first computer, around the same time Apple started to introduce PC products. Launched as an extension of the flourishing home appliance product line, Samsung’s first PC, the 8bit SPC-1000 Desktop Computer, flew off the shelves.


As technology continued to advance, Samsung remained in tune with the latest innovations and so, in 1996 they launched The Sens 810 Notebook. This featured a new and exciting curved butterfly keyboard for improved typing. A first for laptops, the ergonomic design was an instant hit, attracting attention from the press.


In 2002, the brand introduced the Sens Q760, the first laptop to also feature a media docking station. This meant that laptop users could enjoy the benefits of hard disk drives, external connection to audio, CD access, and floppy disk access.


By 2006, Samsung were pushing boundaries with the introduction of the Sens Q35 Notebook, featuring super-fast – Wi-Max. This innovative go wireless feature opened the door to a whole host of opportunities and optimised performance.

Samsung series 6 laptop


In 2011, the brand released its Series 6 laptops, designed to withstand 1000kg of pressure for business-to-business sales. The Premium Series 9 Notebook was also released this year and was deemed to be the brand’s best ever notebook.


Samsung continued to go from strength to strength, carving a reputation as a true innovator, with big dreams. In 2012, the brand concentrated on expanding its reach beyond Europe and South Korea, introducing its products to Africa, America, and the Middle East.

What happened next?

Today, Samsung’s laptop sales are continuing to lead global growth, alongside Apple laptops, growing by almost 26% last year.

This, is in part, thanks to the stay-at-home economy and growth of remote learning, which increased demand for laptops, particularly educational notebooks and Chromebooks.

As the world adapts to a new way of working, Samsung looks set to respond to the ongoing demand for laptops and notebooks that epitomise high performance technology.

samsung galaxy book

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