Effortless Integration With Samsung Galaxy Book

5th November 2021
effortless integration with Samsung galaxy book

The Galaxy Book laptops have been signalling out Samsung as a major player on the computer scene, particularly for premium business devices.

There’s a host of technology, engineering and manufacturing know-how that has made these laptops highly sophisticated and given competitors plenty of reasons to be nervous. The Galaxy Book range, especially the Pro models are proving popular among businesses in a wide variety of industries thanks to their versatility.

With powerful, latest gen Intel processors, speed and extreme portability, there’s a great deal to covet in the Galaxy Book laptops. However, one stand-out, impressive feature that permeates the tech is easy integration.

Why Integration Matters

samsung laptop showing the amoled screen

Integration is an integral part of the Samsung philosophy when it comes to all their creations, but especially the Galaxy Book range.

While there are many elite laptops on the market from prestigious manufacturers, Samsung takes integration very seriously.

From hardware to software, Samsung has thought of every kind of seamless integration for the Galaxy Books:

Business laptops with simple and useful integrations make productive work easier to accomplish. The Galaxy Books are all about that frictionless experience so that you can use these laptops to work in the way that you desire.

So, how has Samsung incorporated seamless integrations into the Galaxy Books?

  1. Other Samsung Devices

If your business utilises multiple Samsung devices, e.g, Galaxy Books, tablets, and Samsung smartphones, then your office can have the ultimate connectivity between devices.

With software like the Samsung Flow app, all Samsung business devices can be connected in seconds with a just a couple of clicks.

This level of integration goes far beyond competitors. The app continuity and syncing allows notifications across all devices. For example, you can see a call on your smartphone yet answer on your Galaxy Book laptop. There’s also the ability to share files easily from one device to the other.

Samsung Flow App

Galaxy Books can be connected to Samsung phones and tablets and use screen mirroring for the best in integrated technology. The Handover feature allows you to start a task on one device and complete it on another with no fuss.

Device integration isn’t anything new, other manufacturers have advanced device ecosystems as well. However, thanks to Samsung’s history of expertise in all things electronic, the relationship between devices doesn’t stop at phones and tablets.

With the SmartThings app, staff can control all sorts of compatible Samsung electronics as part of the growing arsenal of IOTs (the internet of things) including appliances. Naturally, for some industries this will be of particular interest.

Workers can also link devices like headphones and ear buds for an elevated technology experience.

With devices so easily linked, users can substitute Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy Book Pro 360s for second monitors without having to hook up additional external displays. Your staff can also use one keyboard for their Galaxy Books and tabs, as well as the same chargers for all Samsung computing devices and smartphones.

2) Software

The Samsung Galaxy Books integrate very smoothly with third party software. In fact, Samsung and Microsoft have teamed up to offer the most integrated relationship imaginable.

Since 2020, Microsoft and Samsung have partnered to push productivity apps even further to make the Galaxy Books some of the best premium laptops for work.

In addition to the Microsoft software advantages, Samsung Galaxy Books come with fast and secure LTE4 and 5G5 support, plus, the Galaxy Book Pro series is Wi-Fi 6E ready.

3) Hardware

When it comes to the Galaxy Book laptops, the attention to detail for our flexible, changing working environment can be seen from the get-go.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

Light, fast, and powerful. They must be all of these things, without compromise, in order to offer that flexibility for a combo of home working commuting, hybrid working and remote working.

With the Wi-Fi 6E boosting connectivity, and special aluminium alloys keeping the Galaxy Books light, the whole range is highly portable and flexible.

The Galaxy Pro 360 goes even further with its 2 in 1 tablet / laptop functionality, complete fold capability and AMOLED touch screen.