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An accountant explains why computer leasing makes financial sense

At Hardsoft, we have more accountancy firms among our clients than any other type of business. When it comes to the financially-savvy, accountants are a class apart, so who better than an accountant to provide an expert opinion on leasing computer equipment?

In order to shed light on what can be a potentially confusing area, we’ve spoken to chartered accountant Tony Crisp, a partner at Harlow-based accountancy firm Giess Wallis Crisptony crisp gwc LLP. With over 40 years’ experience advising small and medium-sized businesses, GWC cover the full range of general practitioner services including accounts, audits, taxation, book-keeping and payroll for corporate clients, sole traders and partnerships. read more


Apple Finance on New Macs – Is it a Good Deal?

Apple have recently started offering 0% finance on their products via PayPal Credit , but are they really offering a good deal?

Look at the Figures

Apple offer an iMac at £2019.00 on 12 months interest free credit, with a £0.00 deposit, which looks attractive at first glance, but there is no warranty with that and the repayments are £181.26 per month – don’t forget you have to pay the full amount back within the 12 month period, otherwise you’re hit with the interest at 14.9% APR.3-Warranty-extra

Alternatively, if you take a look at the HardSoft lease on the same iMac at £2019.00 over a 12 month period, the difference is we ask you for a deposit of £403.80, but with repayments of £134.60 you’re left with almost £50.00 more in hand each month. Combine that with the 3 year HardSoft warranty and you’re quids in! read more


Home user Freebies!

If you are a home user looking for interest free credit on a Mac, HardSoft have some great Mac leasing offers for you. The finance can run over 6, 12 or 18 months and is cheaper than Apple Finance and PC World. Applying is quick and easy with almost instant decisions. As always, HardSoft are squeezing in even more to your lease deal. This month we are offering more exciting FREEBIES!!

If you need some help choosing your freebie, look no further.

  • AVG antiAnti virus-virus.  Keep yourself up to date and protect yourself from malware. With this great freebie, your Mac will be kept up to date with the latest cloud protection. Don’t be held to ransom! Let HardSoft equip you with the protection that you need to secure your data, details, internet payments, websites and reputation!
  • broken-macbook-air-sellAccidental Damage Cover for 1 year. Unavoidable accidents are always a worry! Choose this option and your device is covered against those horrible accidents that isn’t covered by warranty. Anything from spills and drops are covered. We allow a maximum of one claim per device per year. This does not cover loss or theft which can be purchased separately from HardSoft Computers.
  • Cloud storage2TB Cloud Back- Up for 3yrs. Your data is crucial, do not loose it! By backing up your data to the cloud daily, you are choosing the safest form of storage and also very easy to use and access. With 2TB of data allowance, you will be able to store a huge amount of data. Cloud storage also allows you to access your files anywhere on the web, you can even download an App to see your data on a phone or tablet.

HardSoft Power Bank

Along with your freebie, we will also throw in a HardSoft powerbank! charge your USB device on the move with this handy pocket sized battery bank. Perfect for those who need to power their phone on the Pokemon Go! read more


Order now- Pay October!

Interested in leasing the latest technology for your business? We are offering this exciting flexible payment options to new and existing customers. This latest deal gives you the opportunity to receive your equipment ASAP and start paying in October 2016! You can take delivery now and you do not need to part with a penny for three months. 

At HardSoft we are always creating new ways to help ease your cash flow. This amazing deal will enable your business to acquire the latest Apple Mac or PCs. Deferring payments by up to three months at no extra cost. This makes business computer leasing with HardSoft even more affordable. read more