Why Businesses Should Consider A Samsung Office

12th October 2021
Move to Samsung, move to Flexi lease!

Samsung is renowned for making some of the best and most trusted electronics on the market, from TVs to cooking equipment.

Now the people who make the components for all your appliances are getting back into the world of computing with a bang.

samsung laptop

Samsung have been making the components for other manufacturers’ computer equipment for years, so it makes complete sense for them to put their own brand name to the best devices on the market.

They’ve already, in recent years, gained a reputation for excellence through Samsung phones, but now it’s all about the Galaxy Book laptops for the business market.

No one understands the marriage between good hardware and software like Samsung, and they’ve utilised this expertise to create premium laptops that are extremely versatile.

The Galaxy Book series of business laptops, coupled with the Samsung Knox Deployment Program is enabling companies to re-structure their offices around flexibility, responsiveness, and productivity.

But what does this really mean for staff, managers, and CEOs?

Productivity With A Samsung Office

The latest Samsung Galaxy Books have taken productivity and collaborative working to the next level.

With automated Samsung device syncing, to fast secure access via thumb print, to a host of productivity apps, everything about the software in the Galaxy Books makes working simpler and more seamless.

Thanks to powerful 11th gen Intel i5 and i7 processors, the Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro are not only incredibly fast machines that deliver maximum efficiency, but they are also very powerful. For businesses where staff operate multiple pieces of power-demanding software at once, they’ll be impressed at the extreme level of multi-tasking one can accomplish with the Galaxy Books.

samsung thumbprint

Samsung’s motto with these devices has been ‘Thin, Light And As Powerful As A PC’. In Samsung’s case this certainly isn’t hyperbole. The laptops are incredibly light in weight, slender, yet delivering far more power and memory storage than we’d expect from such a slim laptop.

With recent technology, we’ve come to enjoy very light laptops with impressive speeds, but to couple this with extensive power performance for multitasking is a huge benefit.

Samsung is also bringing together a full device ecosystem for offices to utilise with their Hub screens, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and flips. Features like WiFi 6e, device syncing, brighter screens and better, smarter audio make connectivity and communication more natural. All of these boost work quality and productivity in the office and for home workers too.

That’s even before considering the wide host of business and productivity geared apps that come with the latest Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro 360.

A Responsive Experience With Samsung

thin laptop like PC

Responsiveness is the primarily attribute of Samsung business devices. From responsive keyboards to screens to software. Everything aims to make using these devices smooth and efficient to the users’ circumstances.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 in particular delivers this sensation. It adapts to staff’s desire to use a laptop or tablet. The complete 360-fold makes it such a comfortable and natural piece of equipment to hold and work with.

Many of the features and attributes of Samsung business hardware will present this air of intuitiveness and responsiveness to the requirements of your staff and their environment. Methods of working are becoming more varied. Where we work and how we work is more mixed, so the technology we use must be adaptive too.

The keyboards of the Galaxy Book laptops are ultra-responsive for speed typing. There’s AI noise reduction for more natural conference calling. All the technology works with you for the best quality experience when working.

With the Know Deployment Program, it is also straightforward to put this modern hardware in the hands of staff wherever they are and register them into the MDM.

A Flexible Approach To Work

samsung laptop turning into tablet

Samsung devices like the Galaxy Book Pro 360 are incredibly flexible. 2 in 1 tablet/laptop devices are easy to transport and can transform into a handheld device in seconds.

The combo of power, portability and enhanced WiFi will allow staff to work in the office, at home, during a commute, and remotely from wherever they need to be.

Switching between a touch screen tablet with a stylus pen and a fully functioning laptop with keyboard rapid and simple. It enables staff to work fluidly in a changing environment. This is ideal for varied roles or changing circumstances.

The long battery life of 20 hours boosts the flexibility of this device even further, with fewer needs to charge up when out and about.

The relationship between Samsung technology makes working across devices and in different scenarios a breeze. Staff can start a task on one device and complete it on another. This connected approach makes Samsung computer equipment among the best for a modern office.