Virus Similarities- Computer or Biological?

18th February 2016
Virus Similarities - Computer or Biological? (Unhappy infected iMac illustration)

Virus, a word that that nobody likes to hear, but from time to time we all hear it….Nobody wants a computer virus but we all get one now and again, whether it be something that slows your PC or renders your PC absolutely useless, let’s just say they’re not pretty.
Ever wondered just how similar a computer virus is to a biological one? Here I will be listing five similarities that computer viruses have to biological viruses, they really are quite similar! Computer viruses can leave you on the phone crying to your virus protection tech support or maybe even us…Enjoy!
Now firstly before we go on we need to clearly define the difference between a human virus and computer virus. Let’s start with the biological virus which off course only effects humans and some other living organisms….these cannot be transmitted to your computer and vice versa so don’t be afraid of infecting your computer or your computer giving you the crypto virus, it just doesn’t work like that.  So what is a computer virus? A computer virus is a code that can multiply itself, corrupt and crash things such as operating systems, files and most worryingly our precious data.Viruses_3435504b
Our first similaritspread-ideas-300x185y is that a computer virus can also be extremely contagious, spreading to other computers AROUND THE WORLD so extremely easily through email, downloads, website links, USB and more, not even a biological virus can act or spread that fast thankfully. Be aware of suspicious emails or files that you download at times and the websites you may find yourself on to be safe.
Secondly a computer virus can be extremely good at hiding in your computer for a long time before it starts to take hold and cause havoc, this bares a huge resemblance to biological viruses such as Ebola that can lay dormant for a very long time before making an appearance, however both types can be treated and even cured very early on before they take hold with the help of an ANTIVIRUS which we’ll take about more later on.
Our next similarity is that computer viruses can come in many different types (species) just like their biological counterpart, such examples include Trojans, Email Virus, polymorphic and overwrite virus to name a few. Off course these all have their own characteristics and can affect you PC in a number of different ways so be sure to take note of symptoms and do your research.
Fourth and foremost to elaborate on the previous similarity as both computer viruses and biological viruses have species, these will also have their own degree of harmfulness and well siavg imagesmply put, we all like to know as soon as possible what we are dealing with, that’s why taking the time to talk with a specialist can never hurt.
Finally, both can be controlled and even eradicated when care is taken. Computer viruses can be by prevented by ensuring you have the latest and greatest Antivirus software out there, these could be for example AVG, Sophos, Bitdefender and Avira many of which are free and incredibly reliable to use, don’t go unprotected because some viruses are not just a minor inconvenience.
The moral of the story in this blog is that computer viruses will sadly always evolve to try and get past your Antivirus software, however as much as that is happening there will always be the latest Antivirus to detect them. So if you ever have any Computer virus problems feel free to give us a call, for biological ones call the NHS, Good Luck!