The New HP ZBook Studio -Mac beater ?

11th January 2016
HP ZBook Leasing HardSoft Computers
Thinner & lighter than the MacBook Retina

The new HP ZBook Studio Mobile Graphics Workstations has arrived ! … This super fast, highly anticipated laptop is bursting with exciting new features. HP are also aiming to “bring the sexy back to workstations” which is shown in this new ZBook Studios attractive and sleek design. With a 15.6″ screen and only 18mm thick, the ZBook Studio G3 is crammed full but at only 2 kilos weighs nearly the same as a MacBook Pro Retina – and is somewhat faster ! This is HP’s thinnest and lightest WMobile Workstation yet. Supporting up to 5 external displays, this laptop is perfect for graphics professionals to work on and display from. This is a powerful Workstation which is offering amazing speed and graphics for Creative professionals. Many Creatives like the feel of a Mac and are forced into a PC/Windows environment by the need to run software by Autodesk or Blackmagic.
Zbook studio hire and leasing

There is a handy and secure fingerprint login option and supports both Intel Xeon E3 processors as well as i7 processors. This laptop accommodates the Intel Skylake 6th gen CPUs- 6700HQ or 6820HQ. This is a world first, a Quad core workstation. The HP ZBook Studio turbo drive boasts storage of up to 2TB of data, which is twice as much as the highest spec. Apple MacBook Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It also has 32GB of ECC system memory. A choice of storage is there from normal SSD to PCI-E based SSD. We are very impressed with the 3 years ON- SITE warranty.  Unlike Apple, HP are offering 3 years onsite warranty. Perfect when you need to be up and running.

Its Thunderbolt 3 dock  surpasses the MacBook Pro, which only has Thunderbolt 2. It also has the option of a remarkable 3840 or 4K display resolution- this is higher then the superb Retina display on a MacBook Pro Retina which is just 2880. There is the choice of normal 1920 resolution and a choice of integrated Intel 530 graphics or a 2GB AMD M100M GPU. These features are not available on any Apple Notebook, it is fair to say that Apple are yet to release a laptop which is as fast or dynamic as the ZBook Studio (yet) to make comparison with but we are expecting one. The two available specs now shipping are ……..

HP ZBook Studio G3- i7-6700HQ, 16GB Ram, 256GB Z Drive, Quadro M1000M- 2GB graphics, 15” screen with 1920 resolution @ £16.90 per week plus VAT
HP ZBook Studio G3- i7-6820HQ, 16GB Ram, 512GB Z Drive, Quadro M1000M- 2GB graphics, 15” screen with 4K resolution @ £24.40 per week plus VAT

HP ZBook available to lease from HardSoft
The ZBook Studio joins a range that includes a 14″ & 17″ ZBook

The HP ZBook Studios are highly customisable machines, you can tailor your own spec to meet all of your needs. Weather it be film- making, gaming graphics or animation, the choices are extensive with RAID arrays available for Storage. The ZBook Studio is the notebook for those who need specialised software options for their work. Supporting essential software such as DaVinci Resolve, Solidworks and Autodesk Animator, purchasing PC in this instance over Mac, is vital.
The ZBook is available for lease and upgrade from HardSoft today. As usual, we can offer quick decisions for our leases and FAST delivery. For a no strings quote, call our sales team on 0207 111 1643 or fill in our online contact form.