The Difference Between Microsoft Surface Books, Pro, Go & Surface Laptops

7th March 2021
Microsoft Range of different laptops

The Microsoft Surface family is a large one. There is an entourage of versatile, flexible, and high performing devices for every situation.

Microsoft Surface products come in both a home-use variety and a business variety, with business models providing additional features.

Each of the different Microsoft Surface business devices have specialist attributes and a different focus to facilitate the diversity of work.

Whether your business is tech, civil engineering, design, finance, or any industry you can imagine, there is a Surface device perfect for your staff.

With so much choice on the Microsoft Surface market, it can be challenging to know which will be best for your sector and workforce.

Before comparing some of the most popular Surface devices let’s explore how the Microsoft Surface is putting business needs at the forefront with specialist functionality.

Surface For Business

Both Surface devices for consumers and businesses are high performing, however, the business models have significant advantages for helping your in-office and remote staff work to a higher standard.

High-end Microsoft Surface devices, such as the Surface Books have been fitted with more powerful processors for the business editions. These give them a key edge for the heavy-duty applications required in many industries.

All the business editions of Surface devices have enhanced mobility, which delivers what remote workers need for the pandemic lockdowns and beyond.

Perhaps, the most crucial difference for the business models is the added security. Cyber security has always been a subject of concern for business owners as lives and work become more digitally focused. One of the negative consequences of home working during lockdowns for companies is that data breaches are increasing.  

This is why Microsoft Surface takes digital security and keeping confidential information safe as a top priority. There are a host of additional security features, security hardware and software present in business Surface devices. The Surface Laptop 3 for business and the Surface Pro 7 have enhanced, physical TPM chips to boost security.

Other additional features in business Surface devices include:

  • Better communication & collaboration
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Enterprise manageability
  • Enhanced productivity tools
  • Azure Active Directory Join
  • Domain Join + Group Policy
  • MDM client
  • Windows AutoPilot
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
  • Access to Advanced Exchange. (This warranty service includes expedited device replacement.)
  • Office 365 for Business Subscription-based Software Model

Exploring The Microsoft Surface Family

Microsoft Surface Books, Surface Pro, Surface Go, and Surface Laptops are some of the most popular in the Surface collection. This is thanks to their hyper adaptability, which lends itself well to the changing environment of modern business.

With home working, hybrid working and nomadic working becoming the norm, this range of devices can make remote work even easier. All of this hardware is designed to be portable and mobile, yet with the powerful performance you’d expect from a business laptop.

All of these devices are slim, light, easy to transport and most offer a 2 in 1 tablet-laptop experience with detachable keyboards.

While all of these models make suitable options for businesses, there are some differences between each piece of hardware. Let’s explore the differences between the various Surface devices and how they can elevate your team’s abilities in business.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Pro X are the latest models in the Pro range. These high-end devices were crafted specifically with business in mind.

Both offer ease of remote working with slim and sleek, lightweight designs and 2 in 1 tablet-laptop abilities.

While Pro 7 and Pro X share many similarities, and both models boast strong processing power, long battery life and outstanding business apps, there are some minor differences.

The resolution of the PixelSense Display touchscreen is fractionally higher on the Surface X.

Both are slim, but the Pro X is the slimmest design in the Surface range, with razor-thin bezels. Its screen is nearly end-to-end, delivering an incredible viewing experience.

Both offer exceptional applications and Surface Slim Pens for creative work, yet the Pro X has 4G LTE, so you can work from anywhere, even if the Wi-Fi is poor. The battery life is even longer on the Pro X at 13 hours compared to the Pro 7’s 10 hours.

Either device is a fabulous option for any business requiring adaptive working and it will come down to just how much power of performance your employees require.

Digital nomads will appreciate the additional features of the Pro X.

Microsoft Surface Books

The Surface Book 3 is one of Microsoft’s best laptops in the Surface range. Unlike other laptops, it provides that 2 in 1 tablet experience, much like the Pro 7 and Pro X.

This hardware has a strong lean towards creative design work. It is lightning fast with exquisite graphics. It renders video and motion graphics smoothly with the latest technology. This makes it a strong choice for artists and conferencing alike.

This device really does position itself for creatives and developers and aims to be a portable studio. Companies in these creative sectors may well see the Surface Book 3 as their top contender.

Microsoft Surface Go

The Surface Go is a lot cheaper than the Pro range at almost half the price. It still has strong processing power and battery life, as well useful business apps, but the Pro range takes this to the next level.

Surface Go is highly portable for those working onsite or out in the field collecting data. At only 1.2lb that’s an exceptionally light piece of kit for all the power and flexibility it contains.

Microsoft Surface Laptops

An attractive, slim, traditional business laptop. Cheaper than the Surface Book but lacks 2 in 1 capabilities. Strong performance for the price, if users don’t require the portability of a tablet. Its sturdiness and durability make it popular and it is the best laptop for typing in the Surface range.