Portability And Power With Galaxy Book Pro 360

29th October 2021
portability and power with galaxy book pro

Portability and power are usually the ultimate trade-offs when it comes to finding the perfect business laptop. You’re liable to sacrifice a little of one for the other. Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360, however, presents one of the best balances of these features.  

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is most immediately recognised for its 2 in 1 tablet/laptop functionality, and its impressive 360 hinge. While this is a fantastic element of these ultra-flexible laptops, businesses will also appreciate just how uncompromisingly powerful these laptops are.

samsung laptop turning into tablet

The Galaxy Pro 360 doesn’t skimp on performance in any regard, and that’s to be expected, given that its creators design the components for the vast majority of our electronics.

The Samsung Galaxy Books take their reputation for electronic excellence very seriously and this has led to some outstanding performance, combined with exciting usability features.

Portability Is No Longer A Luxury But A Necessity

Premium business laptops really must be a cut above the rest when it comes to performance, speed, power, and multitasking. Depending on your industry, they’ll need to run a lot of software simultaneously and be top-notch with cyber security too. Not to mention high expectations for longevity and durability.

While that high calibre has been the expectation for years and years, there is a new expectation of hyper portability.

There’s been a fundamental shift in the way staff work from a static office setting to hybrid working styles covering home working, office working, commute working, and remote working.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 rises to meet that challenge and offers the best solution to portability and power.

At first glance, it is evident how slim and light this laptop really is, with its mere 868g of weight and 11.2mm thickness. That’s incredibly sleek. That anodised aluminium is a marvellously lightweight metal, and with the super thin bezel, this laptop is ridiculously easy to transport.

What’s really pleasing to see is out of the box thinking and innovative tech to truly make this the most portable 2 in 1 device.

Everything needs charging, both laptops and tablets. One thing most laptop users will have encountered is chunky, clunky power supplies on the charging cable. If you haven’t noticed them then you won’t be one to frequently transport a laptop, or you’ve had the good fortune to not drop it on your foot or bang it into your skin or hardwood table. Those who have will recognise that it isn’t just the laptop itself which adds weight and bulk, it’s the charger.

Samsung Galaxy Book with pencil

It is, therefore, a nice surprise to witness the dainty, thin, no-nonsense charger of the Galaxy Pro 360. It’s so inoffensive, you’ll probably mistake it for your phone charger. No bulky brick needed there.

One brilliant feature, beyond being slim and lightweight in all regards, is the battery life. It’s difficult to call a laptop ‘portable’ if the battery life doesn’t hold up. Fortunately, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 boasts an astonishing 20 hours of battery life. That does blow a lot of competitors out of the water.

So, its clear that the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is one of the most portable models on the market, but how does it balance this with performance and maintain power?

Combing Performance and Portability in the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 houses 11th gen intel i5 or i7 processors. These latest generation processors are not only lightning fast but powerful too.

Under testing the Galaxy Book Pro 360 has performed excellent multi-tasking under strain. Responsiveness is the word that comes to mind.

With 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD it’s also not compromising on memory or storage to the extent that some other very fast laptops appear to be doing. For high performance in business, this is a welcome addition.

Of course, with working out and about, power and a lightweight design mean little if you can’t connect. With home working and remote working connectivity can be a stumbling block to productivity. WiFi 6e is three times faster than normal WiFi and a welcome additional feature in the Galaxy Book Pro 360. The power to connect with speed is going to make a big difference to way staff can work efficiently and seamlessly.

Portable Features:

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
  • Thin
  • Light weight
  • Light Charger
  • long battery
  • Fast Wifi
  • 2 in 1 tablet / laptop functionality

Power and Performance Features:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD
  • 11th gen intel i5 or i7 processors
  • WiFi 6e

Hyper flexibility and performance are not the only things to look forward to in this state-of-the-art business 2 in 1 device. Samsung have produced a device that enhances the experience for its users at every level.

Other Beneficial Features:

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  • Highly responsive keyboard for speed typing
  • Super AMOLED touch screen display technology
  • S Pen for improved touch screen capabilities e.g., writing and drawing
  • Industry leading productivity apps
  • AI noise remover for video conferencing
  • Sync business tools across devices
  • Enhanced security and thumb print access
  • Tough, durable design

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