The tablet market has exploded in recent years. We’ve gone from having a couple of top-spec devices, aimed at a pretty specific audience, to a market full of options to suit everyone.

At one end of the spectrum, you’ve got the budget machines, built for surfing the web, playing games and checking emails. At the other, there’s Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 – a portable PC capable of revolutionising the way you work.

A price too high?

The Surface range has never struggled to attract positive reviews from critics – the combination of power and great looks has always impressed the experts. The series’ latest instalment is no exception, either – TechRadar recently gave the Surface Pro 4 a glowing appraisal, as did Forbes and CNET.

In keeping with Surface Pro tradition, however, there has been plenty of talk about the new device’s high price point. With the basic model costing £749 and the top-spec version going for £1,799, you can understand why it might be questioned.

In this instance, however, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is true. Sure, it’s a high-end price, but it’s a high-end machine with some incredible capabilities.

We want to explain why the Surface Pro 4 is worth your hard-earned money, and we’re going to start by running through some of its most impressive features.

Lightning speed

All of the Surface Pro 4 models are powered by Intel’s state-of-the-art Core processors. The version you get depends on how much you pay; the basic Intel Core m3 is super speedy as it is, but spend extra and you’ll get an i5 or i7. These chips are often used in full-scale powerbooks, but rarely are they seen in tablets.

Combine this with plenty of RAM (4, 8 or 16GB) and you have a tablet computer than can handle any application – or multiple applications – with 4 image

Apple-esque build quality

It’s pretty fair to say that Apple sets the standard when it comes to design and build quality – its laptops, tablets and smartphones are all wondrous things to hold. With the Surface Pro 4, though, Microsoft matches it.

At just 8.45mm thick, and weighing only 786g, it’s a pleasure to carry while you go about your day. The dimensions are impressive enough to make you wonder how the Redmond firm’s designers have managed to fit so much under the good.

More than this, it’s built to last. As well as feeling great, the magnesium alloy casing protects your device’s precious insides. We don’t recommend dropping it regularly, but it’s a sturdy little thing that will have no trouble standing up to everyday enterprise use.

An invaluable business pedigree

Tablets may have become hugely popular in recent years, but conventional PCs still serve a pertinent purpose. This is largely because the former tend to have limitations: less memory, smaller keypads, inferior processors and modified operating systems. The Surface Pro 4 is an exception to all of these rules, however, and that’s why Microsoft is rightly selling it as a “the tablet that can replace your laptop.”

Put simply, there are no compromises here. This device has all of the benefits of a tablet computer – namely portability and looks – without any of the drawbacks. Most importantly from a business point of view, it’s still capable of running full versions of all the enterprise and productivity applications you’re used to – everything from Office and Outlook to Photoshop and InDesign.

With all this considered, the Surface Pro 4 is a fantastic machine capable of helping you and your workforce maximise productivity, whether that’s at the office or on the move.

Give your business a new lease of life

The price may still be a stumbling block for some smaller companies, as for the biggest benefit, you’ll want to equip your whole workforce – not just one member of. That said, you do have options.

Hardsoft specialises in providing in helping companies afford the latest and greatest computing solutions – everything from the ever-popular Apple MacBook Pro to the (you guessed it) Microsoft Surface Pro 4. We do this by offering a range of affordable leasing options on each product, making it easier for you to budget.

Our unique Return/Retain/Renew flexibility allows you to be agile. At the end of your two year lease period, you have the choice to send your Surface Pro 4 back to us, keep paying for a further year and then hold onto it permanently, or trade it in for something new. The decision is yours.

With Hardsoft, it’s never been easier to secure state-of-the-art IT solutions for your business. Get in touch today to find out more.


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