Is Google Workspace Perfect For Your Industry?

2nd February 2023
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Google Workspace offers some of the best software to aid businesses in their everyday operations.

It is a popular choice and has payment tiers of various levels in order to match its services to any type of business, any size business, and any sector.

With such a wide array of useful programmes, Google Workspace will be an effective tool for almost any company imaginable, however, it is especially favoured by certain types of businesses and industries.

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What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a collection of integrated business applications for administration, content creation, collaboration, communication, and productivity. The tools within Google Workspace enable the smooth daily operations of businesses. It is not unlike the tools found in Microsoft 365 and iWork.

The apps allow workers to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, manage files, assign tasks, collaborate, communicate and more.

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What Are Some Of The Best Tools Of Google Workspace?

Business grade Gmail – Reliable, secure, customisable business email. Lots of third-party apps have been developed for Gmail thanks to its popularity, allowing for fantastic, tailored settings, personalisation, and automation.

Calendar – Collaborative and personal scheduling.

Google Meet – Business video conferencing.

Google Chat – Instant messaging.

Docs – Content creation.

Drive – File and data storage and collaboration

Sheets – Spreadsheets, formulas, data analysis.

Slides – Presentations

Forms – Create customised business forms

Sites – Manage your domains.

At higher tiers, there is additional security like Google Vault. There are many optional add-ons too, such as Google Voice, (a telecom solution) and AppSheets, (a no-code application development solution).

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What Are The Advantages Of Google Workspace?

  • Cloud computing and web-based applications instead of desktop apps
  • Still retains options to work on Docs and Sheets etc in offline mode
  • Generous storage, starting at 30GB per user per month on Business Starter package, 1TB on Business Standard, 5TB on Business Plus and Unlimited storage on Enterprise
  • Generous video participant numbers even at the Starter tier with up to 100 attendees.
  • Incredibly intuitive user interface.
  • Popularity results in many third-party apps being developed to work alongside the native Google Workspace apps for adding customisation, particularly Gmail.
  • A massive focus on collaborative working.
  • A unified approach to business apps. Instead of many separate tools, they all work together and are accessible from one place, saving workers time.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Monthly subscription with options to upgrade or pay for selected add-ons, such as enhanced support or Google Voice etc.

Which Industries Will Most Benefit From Google Workspace?

Smaller businesses – Why? – With such amazing features even on the lower payment tiers, affordability and great storage, Google Workspace is one of the best business tools if you run a small business with only a handful of staff.

Solopreneurs and freelancers – Why? – The excellent features at lower tiers, impressive storage and speed of setup are also why solopreneurs and freelancers find Google Workspace such an accessible collection of tools.

Mac users – Why? – Mac users tend to prefer Google Workspace precisely because it isn’t Microsoft 365. It remains true that some Mac users would prefer not to use Microsoft software. While there is iWork, Google Workspace is ideal for being very compatible with other software and web based so it is easy on any device.

SEOs, PPC managers and digital marketers – Why? – Google Workspace is cloud based, compatible with many third-party apps and software and is extremely easy to use. Data management has never been so simple with Google Sheets.

Scale-ups and growing business – Why? – The generous storage, plenty of video attendees even at low tiers, ease of use and setup, plus simple payment tiers make Google Workspace one of the best tools for growing businesses. It is very simple to scale and upgrade and not get stuck in a particular tier. The ample storage and video meeting sizes at the lower prices give a growing business a lot of scope to work with, whether you’re growing at a steady rate or are an ambitious scale-up with tight growth targets.

Videographers, photographers, graphic designers, graphic artists, and music creators – Why? – Storage and affordability. In video editing, graphic art, photo editing and music editing you are usually working with unusually large file sizes compared to other businesses. This is true regardless of the size of your company. A single freelance videographer might have storage requirements on the level of a far larger company. Many other business tools collections are not nearly as generous with storage as Google Workspace; therefore, it is popular with industries in need of this. The affordability, tied with the storage is a big benefit for small videography businesses and other small firms and freelancers in need of plenty of storage for their files.

Large companies – Why? – The unlimited storage options, enhanced security, support, and large number of allowable participants in video meetings will match a large company’s needs perfectly. Not to mention there are so many extra features on the Enterprise level, including noise cancellation in meetings.

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