Galaxy Book Vs Galaxy Book Pro And Pro 360

27th October 2021
galaxy book vs galaxy book pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Book range offers big benefits to staff in a variety of industries.

Both home workers, office workers and hybrid workers will find the flexibility of these lightweight yet powerful laptops an advantage. Whether it’s design work, technical applications, or corporate tasks, all of these laptops perform outstandingly, even when managing extensive multitasking and power-hungry programmes and software.

Switching between different tasks, roles, environments and working scenarios is straightforward and fuss-free with these devices.

Of course, businesses have a choice to provide staff with the standard Galaxy Book, the Galaxy Book Pro and the Galaxy Book 360. So, what are the differences within this range and how can you make an informed choice between them?

Portability Differences In The Samsung Galaxy Business Range

All the laptops are thin, lightweight, and highly transportable, making the whole range well suited to modern working. Home working, hybrid working, and remote working are now extremely popular and commonplace. This necessitates versatile devices that are very portable.

thin Samsung laptop like PC

While all the Galaxy Books are light, the Pro is interestingly the lightest. Even lighter than the Pro 360. All the laptops are made using aluminium to enable their thin, lightweight design; however, the Pro also incorporates magnesium to make it even lighter.

The standard Galaxy Book is slightly heavier and thicker than the Pro range.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the only option to offer a 2 in 1 laptop/tablet experience. It can be completely folded over making it hyper portable while you are out and about like a true tablet.

The Pro will be particularly useful for those doing hybrid working between the home and the office, or lots of commuting.

The Pro 360 will lend big advantage to those heading to many meetings or working out in the field.

Battery life is also a factor for how portable a laptop really is. The Galaxy range has some of the best battery life available on the market. The standard Galaxy Book boasts a 54Wh battery. The Pro models go even further with 63-68Wh batteries.

Galaxy Range Displays

Another big difference between the models in the Galaxy range is their displays.

While the standard Galaxy Book has a sophisticated high-resolution display, the Pro range both boast AMOLED displays.

AMOLED provides better, crisper visuals and improved colour representation.

The Pro 360 is the only touch screen in the range. With this combo of AMOLED and a touchscreen interface, the Galaxy Pro 360 will be the most applicable model for designers and artists. The Galaxy Pro 360 supports the S pen which comes free with the device.

samsung laptop turning into tablet

Number Of Ports

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 has more ports and connectivity options than the regular Galaxy Book Pro. Both sizes of the pricier model have one Thunderbolt 4 port, two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

The Galaxy Book Pro in both sizes has one Thunderbolt 4 port, one USB-C port instead of two, one USB 3.2 port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot.

The standard Galaxy Book has two USB-C ports (one of which can recharge the laptop with the included 65W charger), two USB-A 3.2 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone jack, a microSD card slot.


In the Pro range you can mix and match specs prior to purchase.

What’s great about this range is how upgradable and customisable it is. If one part breaks down or needs enhancing that won’t be an issue. Samsung have actually made it easy and obvious to access the internals of these devices for knowledgeable users. None of that non-interference approach you will likely see from competitors.

This mixing and matching of specs allows staff to have a really customisable experience with their business laptop. This is one of the reasons the range is so flexible and applicable for very different industries. A graphic designer and a geological researcher may have wildly different needs when it comes to power, software and how they work but the Galaxy Book range can rise to meet this challenge.

Not only can you select things like screen sizes, but also processors, storage and RAM amounts.

Samsung Galaxy Laptops Prices

Depending on your business’s budget and requirements, the price will be a factor in which device you select for your staff.

The Galaxy Book is naturally the cheapest model at roughly only £699 with the Pro and Pro 360 being approximately £1099 for the 13-inch screen and £1199 for the 15-inch screen on the Pro and £1199 for the 360 13-inch and £1249 on the 15-inch.

Of course, if you require the enhanced capabilities of either of the Pro range and need to spread the costs, then leasing is an ideal solution. Hardsoft has the Samsung Galaxy Business range available for leasing via our FlexiLease or Pure Rental package.

Galaxy Book Pro 13 inch – lease prices

Galaxy Book Pro 360 13 inch – lease prices

Galaxy Book Pro 15 inch – lease prices

samsung laptop showing the amoled screen

Naturally, the standard Galaxy Book remains the most accessible in terms of price and is a fantastic lightweight, and powerful laptop with outstanding performance.


All of the Galaxy range are built around 11th gen intel core hardware. In the UK expect to see i5 and i7 models of the Galaxy range

RAM starts at 8GB with 16GB an option, while SSD storage starts at 256GB with 512GB the step-up.

All have onboard Intel Iris Xe graphics.

Another great quality that they all share is the charger. There is one extremely lightweight charger from which you can charge ALL your Samsung devices, even your smartphone.