Galaxy Book: Technology You Trust Is Coming Back To Computing

21st October 2021
technology you trust is coming back to computing

Samsung’s Galaxy Books are the latest craze among premium business laptops.

While there are many impressive business laptops on the market today, the Galaxy Books have some stark advantages over competitors.

Portability in samsung laptops

Firstly, the technology in the Galaxy Books laptops has done a phenomenal job in balancing portability, power, and speed.

There are a plethora of beautifully light, portable, and fast laptops available these days. However, power is often the sacrifice.

Many sectors involve technical work, which requires power-draining third-party software. The Galaxy Books are remarkably adept at handling extensive multi-tasking or high-pressure software.

Secondly, the Galaxy Book technology is incredibly versatile. This hardware wasn’t simply created with one industry in mind, but many varied industries. With power, speed, great customisation options and updatable parts, these savvy laptops find themselves delivering high performance in businesses of all kinds.

Whether it’s education, mining and geological testing, scientific research, digital marketing, architecture, software design, finance, or medicine, Samsung’s Galaxy Book range will measure up to the needs of your staff.

Expert Electronics Technology

The Galaxy Book business laptops from Samsung are among the best premium laptops on the market.

Historically, many people in the UK might associate the brand name Samsung with televisions and appliances. They are, in fact, developing an intricate and sophisticated ecosystem of business-level computing devices.

Galaxy book premium devices

The Samsung company are one of the most recognised manufacturers of electronics in the world. It’s true that they do build fantastic high-end televisions, cooking appliances, heating appliances and cooling systems for end-users.

Their electronics are some of the most trusted and reliable for consumers around the globe, yet they also have a long history crafting premium electronics solutions for businesses, including computers.

In fact, most of the electronic components that you find powering the computers of other manufacturers actually come from Samsung.

With the Galaxy range of devices, Samsung have finally been putting their own brand name forward.

High-end business devices do require a cut above the rest when it comes to their components and technology in terms of hardware and software. It must be cyber secure, durable, reliable and perform at a higher level. This is precisely what the Galaxy range of business laptops delivers.

The Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 are the culmination of Samsung’s expert work to produce state-of-the-art premium business devices that can handle the demands of modern working in all its complex facets.

Galaxy Book Pro Range For Elite Businesses

Crisp visuals from galaxy books

All of the Galaxy Books are hyper lightweight and contain 11th gen Intel i5 or i7 processors. Since Samsung understands the varying needs of different sectors, your can actually have a choice when it comes to the processor, RAM and displays in the Pro range of Galaxy laptops.

This level of customisation gives businesses control of the depth of performance from their devices.

The standard Galaxy Book is the most affordable, though still very powerful and high performing. The Pro models are both lighter, more portable, more customisable and boast AMOLED displays.

AMOLED displays provide an enhanced experience compared to standard LEDs. Samsung knows display screens inside and out. With their experience in cinematic display technology, they have produced outstanding displays for the Galaxy Pro range. Expect crisper visuals and more accurate colours. The Samsung screens can also deliver a higher level of brightness with less drain on battery life than previous models.

These high-end displays make the Galaxy Pro range ideal for visually orientated industries where that attention to detail is paramount.

 For companies that require ultimate power and detail with versatility, the Galaxy Pro 360 offers a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop experience with an S pen included.

The entire range is quite accurately described by its creators as being thin, light and as powerful as a PC. The Pro models really take this description seriously.

Thin Galaxy book

Businesses will find the power delivered by these laptops pleasantly surprising. With excellent business software and superb compatibility with third-party software, this hardware power charges productivity regardless of industry.

There is a lot for businesses to love about these laptops, but most of all it is how durable and trustworthy they are.

Samsung is a brand we trust to know good electronics, which is reassuring for businesses making a significant investment into hardware technology. The Galaxy Books are so popular because businesses know to expect a well-designed, reliable device.