Everything you need to know about Microsoft Surface

8th October 2021
Microsoft Surface family


Microsoft first introduced the Microsoft Surface in 2012. The Surface hybrid tablet was the first ever Microsoft PC designed in-house by Microsoft and was positioned to compete with Apple’s iPad range. Since then, the Microsoft Surface range has seen a plethora of new devices introduced to the Surface line, and the current Microsoft Surface range is comprised of a series of touchscreen-based personal computers. From lightweight 2-in-1 notebooks and laptops to powerful all-in-one desktops and interactive whiteboards, the Microsoft Surface range provides something for everyone.

With such an array of ever-changing devices in the Microsoft Surface range, there are some common questions users tend to ask when getting used to their new device. We have collated the most common questions asked about the Surface product line and have provided details answers below to help you get started!

How to screen shot on Microsoft Surface?

how to screenshot on a Microsoft Surface

The screenshot process on Microsoft Surface PCs has always been a bit different to other devices. Previous Surface models were equipped with a Windows icon button on the devices screen, and this would need to be pressed simultaneously with the lower volume/minus button located on the side. This will make the screen dim and then brighten in a way that mimics taking a snapshot with a camera, to indicate the screenshot has been taken.

This process changed in 2015 when the Surface Pro 4 was introduced. Since then, Surface notebooks no longer come with a Windows button, and instead you now need to hold down the power button and the volume up button. Again, just like before, the screen will dim and brighten to indicate the screenshot has been taken.

Does Microsoft Surface have Google Play?

Microsoft Surface does not come with Google Play installed and comes with the Windows App Store instead. It is possible to use Google Play on Surface, but it requires you to create a Windows ISO which can be complicated, and this isn’t recommended for non-technical users.

Google Play apps are designed for Android only, and any Google Play exclusive apps will need to be developed in the future to run on the Microsoft Windows OS. However, even though you can’t run the Google Play apps, you can use your Surface to read books, listen to music, and watch movies from the web version of the Google Play Store!

How to check my Microsoft Surface model?

To find out your Microsoft Surface model, you first need to select the Start button. From there, you want to type “system information” and select it when it appears in the list of results. From there you can choose Find System Model under the item column, and here you can find the information about your Surface in the System Model column.

How to factory reset Microsoft Surface Book 2?

To perform a factory reset on a Microsoft Surface Book 2, you will firstly need to press and hold the volume up button and the power button simultaneously until the screen turns off. This should take roughly 15 seconds. The screen may flash with a Surface logo appearing during this, but you should continue holding the buttons down.

what is surface hub?

After you release the buttons, wait 10 seconds, and your Surface Book 2 will start up again. Factory resets will completely wipe your data from your device and returns your Surface Book 2 to the out of the box factory settings it came with.

What is Surface Hub?

Microsoft Surface Hub is perfect for the collaborative needs of any business. It combines hardware, software, and services in one easy to use, slim PC, flexible enough to fit in to any office space. The Surface Hub 2S is an all-in-one Windows 10 powered digital whiteboard, meetings platform, and collaborative computing device that enables teamwork anywhere, and bridges the distance between remote team members.

how can I find my surface serial number

How can I find out my Surface serial number?

To find out which Surface you have, you can find the serial number on your device. On a Surface Laptop, this can be found under your keyboard near the hinge. For Surface Pro, Surface Go, Surface 2, Surface 3, and Surface RT, you can flip out the kickstand and identify the numbers near the base.

On a Surface Book, you can look on the bottom edge of the Clipboard where it attaches to the keyboard. This will require you to disconnect the screen from the base.

 For the Surface Studio, you’ll have to place the screen down and study the bottom of the base, while for the Surface Duo you can pull the SIM tray out of the device to find the serial number on the inside of it.

How do you close apps on the Surface?

Microsoft Surface grants you access to an array of exciting apps. When you’re multi-tasking, you’ll frequently need to switch between a plethora of already opened apps, so managing them is vital to stop things getting out of hand!

Previously, older versions of Windows encouraged you to close unwanted apps and came with an X in the top right corner which when clicked would make the app disappear from the screen. Nowadays however, you can leave these apps running in the background, as they won’t take up much battery power while resting.

Sometimes though it makes your life easier by closing an app you’re no longer using. To do this, you can slide the app to the right of your touchscreen using your finger, and then down and off the screen. If you’re using a mouse, keyboard, or trackpad, you can simply right click the app icon and select “Close” from the menu.

surface go 2 the lightest device

Which Surface is the lightest?

Currently, the lightest Surface in the range is the Surface Go 2, weighing an incredibly light 544g! This lightweight 2-in-1 can be used as both a laptop and as a tablet either in the office, or when working remotely. No matter where the workday takes your team member, they’ll have the tools they need to get the job done in any setting!

Why is the screen square on a Surface?

Traditionally, a normal widescreen laptop comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio. However, for the Microsoft Surface range that is not the case. All Surface devices feature a square 3:2 screen ratio, and these taller screens show more work! The extra vertical space is perfect for emails, photos, documents, coding, editing etc. and is ideal for users looking to increase their productivity.

Is Microsoft Surface good for business?

The Microsoft Surface range has been designed to offer something for every user, and every professional. Whether your employee needs to work remotely or needs a powerful desktop to fuel their creative ideas and run demanding software, thanks to a blend of powerful processors and graphics, lightweight 2-in-1’s, detailed interactive touchscreens, excellent battery life, and HD cameras, there’s a Microsoft Surface for everyone.

Surface business devices differ from those for consumers. While both are high performing, Surface for business ensures your team reach higher standards, as these high-end devices are equipped with more powerful processors! This is complimented by increased portability on business devices designed for remote working! Perhaps most importantly though, Surface business devices come with enhanced security! With an array of additional security features, hardware, and software, the Surface protects your business, its data, and your customers.

Which Surface is best for Working from Home?

working from home with Microsoft Surface devices

Since the pandemic, there has been a growing need to transition to a hybrid way of working, with employees of all professions finding themselves working away from the office becoming the norm. As a result of their ability to adapt and perform in any environment, the Surface Book, Surface Pro, Surface Go, and Surface Laptop models are some of the most popular devices in the Surface collection.

These lightweight devices help users work remotely, offering a mix of mobility and performance. They feature a thin and light design for users who find themselves commuting from the office to the living room during their working week, and this is complimented with powerful CPU’s that provide the powerful performance you’d expect from a business laptop.