Easy guide to HP Proliant Servers

Ten years ago very few small businesses had a Server. Today a Server is commonplace in virtually all small businesses.  Microsoft created their Small Business Server software bundle back in 2003 and its simplicity of use and masses of features has pushed small companies with just 3 or 4 PC’s to consider a Server.

The most popular range of Servers is the Hewlett Packard Proliant range. The terminology of Servers and their idiosyncrasies can be very confusing for the small business owner who has more interesting business matters to deal with than understanding such terms as RAID, SAS, and RPS etc

HardSoft have been offering Servers for nearly twenty years and offer a complete start to finish installation service. Most are supplied on a three year flexible lease that also includes warranty and support……

Hardsoft guide to the HP Server range…….First thing to understand is that the ML range are Towers and the equivalent DL range are rack style and slide into floor standing Racks. Currently all these models have various configurations in terms of hard drive sizes, CPU speeds and since 2010 are all the Generation 6 i.e. the sixth revision

HP Proliant ML110 – a small Mini Tower that is almost identical to a normal PC except that it uses an Intel Xeon CPU. Ideal for companies with 5 Users and mainly email and file sharing. Installed from £9 per week.

HP Proliant ML310 – this is a physically bigger Tower and can be noisy. The ML310 features hard drives that are in removable cradles. This means the User can change drives easily. It is generally configured with Mirrored hard drives that protect data against a drive failure. Installed from £12 per week.

HP Proliant ML330– same design and chassis as the ML310 but with a motherboard that supports Two CPU’s.  This means the Server is more future proof. Installed from £14 per week.

HP Proliant ML350- the world’s most popular Server is also 2 X CPU capable but principally offers the option for a second Power Supply in case one fails(RPSU) and the hard drives are hot pluggable –meaning less downtime as the drives can be changes whilst the Server is in use. Additionally these Servers can feature faster access hard drives (SAS drives rather than SATA) – ideal if you run a database or have large graphics files that need sharing. Additionally a RAID controller can be added to control the drives and give protection against data loss. This is by creating a Raid 5 array. Installed from £18 per week.

If you need to understand what Server is best for you then talk to us at HardSoft. Our flexible lease schemes mean Servers are very affordable. A typical ML310 Server installed with 5 X HP PC’s is just £43 per week.

*prices quoted are based on 3 year lease that includes ownership options at the expiry for £39 and excludes Server software costs and ancillary items but does include installation and data migration.


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