Discover The Samsung Device Ecosystem

18th October 2021
discover the Samsung device ecosystem

Samsung Electronics

Samsung is one of the foremost electronics manufacturers in the world. Chances are that you’ve bought from Samsung before as they’re one of the most reputable, well known, and trusted creators of electronic devices.

Portability of Samsung devices

There are also many computing devices owned by different brands with Samsung components. Even if you’ve never bought from their brand before, a large number of other brands use Samsung’s electrical components, especially in their computer hardware. Apple computers contain plenty of Samsung technology.

Samsung do have their very own range of computer equipment with some of the most state-of-the-art tech on the market. The Galaxy Book laptops are some of the best premium business devices.

The Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 possess advanced Intel processors, durable lightweight metal alloys, and Samsung electronics and software. This enables them to deliver a powerhouse of productivity to business users. They are light to make them extra portable, powerful, and excellent for multitasking as well as lightning fast.  

With a host of productivity apps and different models to choose from and customise, the Galaxy range helps staff produce their best work from anywhere.

Samsung’s Unified Device Approach

Samsung’s catalogue of electronic products is massive. Unlike other computer hardware manufacturers, they also produce other electronic products including televisions, cooking appliances, heating appliances and more. The company aims to solve all of our convenience needs.

Seamless integration with Samsung

This philosophy very much extends into their attitude with computer devices.

One of the most exciting and successful elements of Samsung’s technology is its unified approach to usability.

Just like Apple and other brands, Samsung has developed a wide-ranging device ecosystem when it comes to their computer hardware.

It doesn’t stop at laptops but covers smartphones, tablets, 2 in 1 devices, smart watches, smart TVs and headphones.  

What is unique is Samsung’s desire and ability to take device syncing further.

The Samsung brand loves for devices to work together in a seamless manner. Their goal is to enable office workers to switch from one device to another, mid-task with no interruption.

Advanced device syncing enables you to start a task on one device and finish it on another. So, if you have other Samsung technology in your arsenal it makes the Galaxy Book laptops even more powerful.

Device syncing provides many abilities such as:

Sync phone to Samsung watch
  • Calls, and messages are being auto-synced. You can see an incoming call on one device and answer on another.
  • Casting video from one device to another.
  • App continuity across devices.
  • Use one keyboard with multiple devices.
  • Power share – charge one device off another’s power stores.
  • The same charger for all devices.

As you can see from the above, it isn’t just the variety of devices within the Samsung ecosystem that makes it powerful, but seamlessly they all work together. If you possess multiple Samsung devices there is a great deal of continuity and connectedness between them.

In a business setting, this cuts down a lot of setup time and downtime, resulting in a leaner, swifter working process with less stress.

Leasing Galaxy Books could complete your Samsung arsenal and increase productivity even further.