Custom PCs: What do I need?

25th March 2020
We can build your custom PC - Custom PC's x 3 and can have Intel Core i5, Core i7 & Core i9

Building your own custom desktop has many advantages over buying one pre-built, allowing you to create something tailored to your specific needs. You can create a customised device unique to you and during the process, you will gain a better understanding of how all of the components work together. Not only that, you may potentially save money by opting only for the parts you need and that are suited to how you plan to use them.

To build a great computer, you don’t need to break the bank. A custom PC also gives you the opportunity to upgrade different parts and components easily in the future. Whether you’re building a computer for gaming, video editing, graphic design, 3D rendering or modelling, you need to ensure you choose the right parts to optimise performance.

What computer parts do I need?

Once you have an idea of the type of computer you need, you can begin buying specific parts. Here we have put together a list of the all the essential hardware parts you will need for any functional PC:

  • Case

The case holds all of the PC’s components. They come in a range of sizes, colours and materials, and some even have LED lights and glass panels.

  • Motherboard

This is a printed circuit board that acts as a central hub that all the other parts connect to.

  • Graphics Card (GPU)

The graphics card controls the visuals on your monitor, such as images and user interface. Some are integrated into the CPU, but if you want to focus on high-quality graphics, you will need a separate GPU.

  • Processor (CPU)

Every CPU has a specific socket that needs to be compatible with the motherboard. The CPU is the processing unit and calculates almost everything your computer does.

  • Memory (RAM)

Sometimes referred to as the brain of your computer, Random Access Memory (RAM) stores data that is being worked on by the CPU. It is effectively temporary thinking storage.

  • Power supply unit (PSU)

For your PC to work, you of course need a supply of power. There are many different wattage and efficiencies to choose from, so go for a power supply that will ensure your PC runs smoothly.

  • Storage (SSD, HDD, NVME)

This storage will retain stored data even when the power is off, unlike RAM. There are three main types of storage, HDD, SSF and a new type of SSD called NVME SSD.

  • Cooling – CPU, Chassis

Many different parts of a computer need to be kept cool to run efficiently. Attaching a case fan to the inside of your case ensures your PC is kept nice and cool.

  • Monitor display device

You will need a display device to use your PC and see what’s going on. Monitors come in a range of sizes, resolutions, aspect rations and colours.

  • Mouse, Keyboard

The main input devices for PCs are generally a mouse and keyboard. Other input devices include graphic tablets and pens.

  • Operating system

You will need to choose an operating system to run your PC system. Currently, the leading operating system is Windows 10.

Front view of our Custom PC with the Core i9 X-Series Logo

If you are a gamer for example, you should focus on the RAM, CPU and GPU to ensure high quality performance. Whereas if you’re a video editor, you will need to pay closer attention to RAM and storage over the graphics. Research is key when it comes to building your computer as different industries require different level standards of components. For instance, this HSi Custom PC core i9 10900X you can customise to fit your needs.

It is worth noting that higher-end parts require more power, so if you’re planning to upgrade parts easily in the future, choose a power supply with enough wattage to support them. If you’re working on a tighter budget and don’t plan on using high-end parts, choose a power supply that is just enough for the parts you will be using.

Ready to choose a custom PC that works for you? Here at HardSoft, we provide powerful high-end PCs that can handle your specialist software and fit whatever specification you need. Browse our custom built computers or get in touch to speak to an expert.