Business Benefits of Microsoft Surface Devices

3rd March 2021
Office meeting taking place with Microsoft Surface devices

Microsoft Surface devices are gaining rapid ground as a presence in business. This range of hardware has continued to increase in popularity thanks to its extreme flexibility. According to the recent Windows Annual Report for 2020, Microsoft Surface sales have increased by 21% in the last quarter.

The advantages of their versatility have further caught the eye of savvy, proactive businesses during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Microsoft Surface range has many business benefits, yet one of the most essential for modern work is their mobility.

In a WFA (work from anywhere) world, staff require devices that are highly portable but don’t compromise on functionality. One of the winning qualities of Microsoft Surface devices is that they don’t adopt a one size fits all solution. Microsoft is well aware of the different needs of different industries and the various hardware within the Microsoft Surface range caters to that diversity.

Going Mobile With Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface family boasts a series of hardware, including the Surface Books, Surface Go, Surface Pro, which offer a 2 in 1 tablet-laptop experience.

The collection features slim designs, detachable keyboards, exceptional processing power, and phenomenal battery life.

All these elements make Microsoft Surface devices among the most adaptable hardware for remote working and in-the-field working.

With the advent of COVID far more people are working from home. However, moving forward into the vaccine rollout, hybrid working is likely to become the norm. Rather than investing in multiple devices for every employee, businesses require devices that fit a changing environment seamlessly.

Staff will be moving frequently between home working and office working. Firms are also hiring more remote workers, now that home working has become more accepted, and this means they have a wider pool of talent to choose from. Many modern workers want to travel and work at the same time, so easy mobility of hardware is a must.

Certain industries are built on changeable situations where staff have to commute between offices and being onsite in various locations. The Microsoft Surface range can pivot to deliver what the user needs. The convenience of tablets and the high-performance of laptops with all the necessary software in one device.

A Flexible Device For Every Environment

Microsoft Surface devices aren’t new. They’ve been on the market for a while and are appreciated by consumers and businesses alike. However, what has truly made them a powerhouse solution for a modern business environment is how the range has expanded to cover almost every working scenario.

With ultra-portable options like the Surface Duo, state of the art Surface laptops, and 2 in 1 devices, such as Surface Books, Pro and Go, there is exponentially increasing mobility in working. Yet Microsoft has gone further with options like the Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface hub. These are designed to be stationary but fill a real need within businesses. There are now solutions built with team working, presenting in large conference rooms and creative design in mind.

In fact, one of the biggest developments from the Surface family is the software to make an incredible tool for artists and designers.  Now Microsoft is filling all the gaps presented by the various ways different industries work.

Microsoft Surface Is Leading The Way For Creative Industries

Creative industries are usually at the cutting edge of technology with both their hardware and software. Historically, there has been a stereotypical association with Apple as the hardware of choice for creatives, however, the Surface family has flipped that association and really positively disrupted the industry.

Microsoft Surface was crafted with creatives in mind and a strong leaning towards visually creative projects. Ultra HD touchscreens make detailed visual creation possible. The Surface Book and Studio models are equipped with the Surface Pen for sketching, while the Studio presents fast palette changing.

Best Business Benefits of Microsoft Surface

  1. Adaptive Working – With 2 in 1 laptop-tablet experience and easily connectable keyboards, the Microsoft Surface family makes hybrid working possible in any scenario or location.

  2. Creative Excellence – Thanks to better graphical software, more pixels, and ink-touch technology, the Microsoft Surface devices are the must-have hardware of creative designers.

  3. Enhanced Security – In addition to remote working and better solutions for creatives, the Microsoft Surface range takes security seriously. Hacking has always been more of a concern with PCs as opposed to MACs. The pandemic and home working have greatly exacerbated this threat with more chances for human error to play a role in breaches.

Microsoft Surface devices use a multi-layered approach to security. Advanced biometrics and security analysis provide top line protection. Chip updates are pushed out automatically, while Trusted Platform Modules prevent physical tampering.

Options like Secure Boot helps keep malware out and even external ports are protected. The Microsoft Surface devices will shut off power automatically and reboot with wiped memory if the removable SSD4 is tampered with. Microsoft Surface, therefore, delivers a modern and uncompromising approach to security.

4. Better Team Working – With advanced cloud options and fantastic inbuilt business apps, collaboration, communication, and productivity will be increased. Team working is more fluid with better video calls thanks to the latest in audio and visual tech. HD cameras and 4K+ resolution screens on Surface Hub 2 make it perfect for quality presenting.

5. Powerful, Easy & Reliable – With battery life guaranteed up to 15 hours on specific Microsoft Surface Devices, the convenience of easy remote working, and powerful processors, the Surface range is high performing in any industry. In addition to their adaptiveness and power, the devices are extremely reliable. 4G LTE makes devices like the Surface Pro X able to work seamlessly in areas of poor Wi-Fi.