How HardSoft Computers Boosts Employee Productivity

25th May 2023

Hardsoft Computers have decades of experience as computer equipment suppliers and IT lease providers. We became one of the first Device as a Service providers and have worked tirelessly to remain in a position of innovators in the industry. The way people work has changed rapidly over the past few decades both in terms of […]

What’s The Difference Between A Startup And A Scaleup Business?

18th May 2023

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are several types of businesses that can be classified based on their size, growth potential, and funding requirements. Two of the most commonly used terms to describe such businesses are “startup” and “scaleup.” While they may sound similar, there are distinct differences between them. In this article, we will […]

What is the Microsoft Partner Pledge?

12th May 2023

Hardsoft have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. But what does this mean? The Partner Pledge, signed by over 90 companies, focuses on four critical goals, namely: digital skills, diversity, responsible and ethical AI and sustainability. These goals aim to guide Microsoft’s partners and, by extension, the world through the challenges of ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, […]

How The Right Device Can Help Productivity and Attract New Talent

9th May 2023

Naturally, computer hardware is intrinsic to the operations of businesses. Regardless, of industry, almost every business in the world now runs on computer equipment. But did you know that choosing the right device for your staff can actually enhance their productivity? Not only could you boost productivity, but investing in relevant, high-performing hardware can attract […]

TV, Music, and Food Monthly Subscriptions – Why Not Computer Leasing Too?

26th April 2023

In today’s world, we subscribe to almost everything, from music and TV streaming services to makeup subscriptions. These subscription-based models have become the norm, providing convenience and flexibility to consumers. Subscriptions aren’t merely becoming the norm for B2C products and services but in the B2B world as well. SaaS, (Software as a Service) has become […]

5 Top Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Office in 2023

4th April 2023

With environmental policies becoming more important for companies, sustainable offices will become a big part of the future of business. There are numerous methods that companies can utilise to create sustainable offices and to make their entire business operation more environmentally friendly. From going paperless or using reduced and recyclable packaging from renewable sources to […]

What Are The QuickBooks Laptop Requirements?

30th March 2023

What Is QuickBooks? QuickBooks is a fantastic piece of accounting and bookkeeping software that can make business owners, and accountants’ lives much easier. It helps automate bookkeeping tasks for greater efficiency and accuracy. From sole traders to reasonably sized SMEs, QuickBooks is a tool that is widely used by businesses of all types. It’s helpful […]