How Much RAM Do I Need for a Business Laptop?

16th August 2023

“How much RAM do I need for business laptops?” This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. This is not surprising since RAM is integral to the speed and performance of your computer hardware. The requirements of devices for business usually outstrip the RAM needs of a personal use device. […]

Guide: How to Claim Laptops as Business Expenses

8th August 2023

Claiming laptops as business expenses can offer significant financial benefits for businesses. Companies should be claiming equipment such as computer hardware as an expense on their taxes, as you should for the majority of equipment and stationery that go into running the business and are only for business use. For freelancers and smaller or newer […]

Using a laptop with a gaming console

4th August 2023

In today’s digital age, many gamers find themselves without access to a TV screen, either due to sharing it with others or simply not owning one. However, there’s a convenient solution: using your laptop as a monitor for your gaming console. In this article, we’ll explore different methods to connect your gaming console to a […]

Should you Buy an AMD Ryzen or Intel Laptop?

1st August 2023

Should you Buy an AMD Ryzen or Intel Laptop? When it comes to buying a new laptop, one of the key decisions you need to make is choosing between AMD Ryzen and Intel processors. Both AMD and Intel have been competing fiercely in the laptop market, with each offering their own set of advantages and […]

What Laptop is Best for Businesses?

21st July 2023

There is no singular, perfect laptop model. Certainly, not one that would ideally match the exact needs of every single business. It’d be so much easier if there was, but alas every industry and every job role have unique requirements. Therefore, the answer to “What is the best business laptop?” changes depending on the sector […]

Protect Your Flock Of Business IT Devices With Shepherd MDM 

6th July 2023

Shepherd is a new and highly cost-effective MDM system offered by Hardsoft It allows even smaller businesses to easily manage and oversee their flock of IT hardware and keep business data safe. It is a special new contender in the Apple MDM market since it is designed with smaller businesses in mind. Its priorities are […]

A Guide To Equipping New Employees With The Right Computer Devices

21st June 2023

Having the right computer hardware is essential for any business to operate efficiently and effectively. When equipping new employees with the right computer devices, there are several factors that employers should consider, such as: How Does Properly Matched Computer Hardware Help Different Employees In Their Roles? Matching computer hardware to employees’ roles is crucial because […]

‘Jamf Now’ Alternatives: Welcome to Shepherd MDM

6th June 2023

Jamf Now has often been seen as the ‘go-to’ MDM for small businesses using Apple. We have been setting up businesses with Jamf Now for years. Unfortunately, Jamf is soon to be discontinuing this product, so you should start your journey to find Jamf Now alternatives. The discontinuation is especially frustrating for smaller business owners […]

What Is The Best Laptop For Excel and QuickBooks?

3rd June 2023

Accountancy firms require laptops that can handle the heavy workload of their staff. Accountants must navigate tasks including financial analysis and bookkeeping, which usually require the usage of software such as QuickBooks and Excel. Running financial and accounting programmes often necessitates specific specs and capabilities from your computer hardware. However, with so many options available […]