The Perfect Time To Transition To Apple: macOS Monterey & M1 Chips

10th September 2021

With both the latest macOS update on the horizon and the new Apple M1 chips in circulation, there has never been a better time to transition to Apple. With lockdowns and social distancing restrictions ending, more workers are returning to the office. Safety measures are still a top priority, and many companies are strategizing on […]

How macOS Monterey Enhances Online Communication

7th September 2021

This autumn 2021 will likely see the release of the latest macOS system. While not as expansive as the previous macOS update, entitled BigSur, this latest update has some really exciting features. MacOS Monterey was officially announced in June. A public release date is yet to be confirmed, though there is speculation it could be […]

What To Expect From The macOS Monterey Operating System

2nd September 2021

Monterey has been unveiled and will be released this fall. This is latest Mac operating system from Apple and will bring some interesting changes and improvements. Expect to see changes including: Major Safari revamp Shortcuts app – Even more productivity boosting apps for offices, including Focus Live Text and Visual Lookup Privacy enhancements Apple Mac […]

Why Apple M1 Chips Bring New Meaning to Speed

30th August 2021

There was a great deal of excitement when the Apple M1 chip launched. It’s always exciting to have a new generation of sleek Apple Mac devices. However, that initial thrill has not abated with the new M1 chips. This innovative technology is continuing to draw positive attention. It isn’t merely exciting because this is a […]

Jamf MDM Solution for Apple

27th August 2021

Here at HardSoft, we have been deploying Apple devices for a number of years, and while installing and configurating these devices is not overly complicated, it can be time consuming, particularly when its being installed on multiple devices. We used to install them individually, but began looking in to better, quicker ways to configure these […]

What Are The Five Advantages Of Leasing Computer Equipment?

26th August 2021

Leasing computer equipment is becoming increasingly popular among businesses compared to buying outright. Leasing your devices offers companies enhanced flexibility and financial benefits compared to buying. There is, of course, the most obvious, initial reason why businesses consider leasing: spreading the cost of your equipment. Your CFO is likely to be already aware that avoiding […]

The Benefits of Computer Leasing

23rd August 2021

Acquiring assets for your business Every company has business expenses. No matter what industry they operate in, the business must spend money in order to provide a product or service to their customers. These business expenses can be anything from staff members, equipment, logistics etc. In today’s world, businesses require the best technology and IT […]

Scaling up Post Pandemic: What Are The Challenges?

19th August 2021

Many businesses will be thrilled that a rapid vaccine programme has encouraged the government to lift coronavirus restrictions in England. Lockdown and social distancing laws forced many businesses to pivot both their day-to-day operations and marketing at lightning speed. Understandably, numerous businesses struggled, so it is easy to see why many would see the lifting […]

Which Financing Method Is Right For Your Startup?

11th August 2021

There are a host of options for new startups looking to source their pre-seed and seed funding. These days, financing your startup isn’t a one size fits all situation. From traditional investors to crowdfunding, and loans, there’s no shortage of avenues to explore. The best solution will depend on your industry, market niche, and business […]

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