What you need to know this month…

22nd April 2016
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…Things we know that we think you should know !
Whilst there’s no sign of a new Mac Pro on the horizon (it’s current guise is from 2013) we do now have a 128GB option for the Mac Pro available for this. The option is made by the clever PCP for computerschaps at OWC, so is above and beyond what Apple offer. At £ 9.90 extra per week plus VAT it’s not cheap but technically that’s about the same price as the Apple Store price for 64GB RAM!
If you aren’t looking for such high end an alternative to a Mac Pro could be the 2015 iMacs launched late last year with i7-4GHz 6th gen CPU’s offer competitive pricing and speeds (the new i7 is technically faster than then Xeon in the Mac Pro for some tasks)……….. Plus we now have an OWC offering to get the iMac to 64GB of RAM at £4.90 per week extra plus we offer the OWC Helios 2 Spec Sheet offering Dual Slot PCIe expansion via Thunderbolt 2 at £3.60 per week.
The MacBook 12” (just revised with Sixth gen CPU’s, faster graphics and better battery) somewhat limited by the expansion options presented by the single USB-C port also now has a USB-C Dock Spec Sheet with TEN numerous ports; including SD card, HDMI, and 4 ‘normal’ USB.   Available in matching gold, silver, space grey.  There is PDF attached on this & the Helios breakout box. Talking MacBooks the Air 13″ is now stanadrd with 8GB Ram rather than this being an expensive upgrade.
Tech wise Mac users now have access to two central London repair centres run by Amsys who are Apple Authorised. Locations are Nottingham Court in Covent Garden and Poland Street in Soho…. These sites run in a similar way to the Apple Genius Bar and you will need to book a slot. Before you do you will still need to get an “Authorisation Key” from us. If you need a repair at these locations then email or call us.
Increasingly popular is our ‘Rental Lease’. key difference to our normal flexible lease in that you return the kit at the end of the three years. Its like PCP or Contract Hire on a car. We have now extended the amount of products available for long term hire  and have this week added the new Apple iPad Pro in both the 9.7″ and 12.9″ editions. Its 21% cheaper than our normal lease-to-own.
On the PC front we have significantly reduced prices on SSD upgrades on laptops and PC desktops. Available as upgrades on virtually every PC at ………….. Upgrade to 256GB SSD @ £0.50p extra……. Upgrade to 512GB SSD @ £0.95p extra……… Upgrade to 1TB SSD @ £1.95p extra per week plus VAT.
In other news it’s taken a while but we are now Approved dealers for Sonos, the perfect audio partner for your Mac. For those who don’t know it’s a wireless speaker system that you can extend to multiple rooms and stream music direct from Apple Music or Spotify. They also have a great package for your surround sound system. I can add them onto a lease with other kit if you want this for the business.
Something a bit more exciting is the launch of our new Refer-a- Friend offer. You can earn up to £100 of Amazon e-vouchers by giving my details to a colleague, business partner or family friend. It’s £50 for any orders they place up to £23 per week and £100 if it’s above that.  Details are on a PDF here that you can forward on to anyone who can benefit from our offers. By using the code ‘RAR’ when they checkout or call in they will get a discount, and if they mention your name in the Recommended by box or when they contact me you get the e-voucher . They must enter your name where requested on the Order otherwise we will never know who recommended us! There are some Terms at https://www.hardsoftcomputers.co.uk/blog/?p=10414.