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To celebrate us bringing the range of Sonos audio products to our Website then we have a free trivia competition.

From wirelessly streaming your Spotify playlist to hearing every detail in your favourite blockbuster movie, Sonos delivers crystal-clear HiFi sound. The Sonos system is expandable so you can choose how many speakers you want. Pick and choose which songs you want in each room, group rooms or have the same song playing throughout your home. All controlled via your smart device or PC.

Any queries on Sonos please ask ! In the meantime email your answers to by 30/4/16. Sonos is available on 0% finance for home users as well.

1.) Have a look at this clip from a Movie and tell us which TV show or Movie gave Steve Jobs genuine inspiration for one of Apples innovative products ?

the first apple ipad inspiration

Which TV show or Movie inspired Steve Jobs ?








2.) A clip I am sure Steve Jobs would never have seen it but it was definitely a forerunner of the Apple Watch. Which Movie or TV show is this clip from ?

original apple watch from hardsoft

Which Movie or TV show featured possibly the first Apple Watch ?









Winning answers will be placed into a Draw and the winner selected at random. The Winner will be advised by 3/5/16. To enter and you must be a customer of HardSoft Ltd.

If you like Apple trivia then our favourites…

09:41 is always displayed on an iPhone ad; since that is the time that Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone back in 2007. There’s a chink missing in the Apple logo as originally it was though it looked more like a berry than an Apple

-There are more than 1.5 million apps in the App Store, but thousands have never had a single download. A report claimed that 60% of apps had never been downloaded from the App Store.

-Smoking around an Apple computer can invalidate its warranty.

-Before working at Apple, designer Jonathan Ive worked for a company called Tangerine.

-The Apple Watch face shows the time at 10:09. Swiss watch makers have typically shown 10:10, since they best show off the watch face. The theory could be is that Apple wants to show it is a minute ahead of its analogue predecessors.

-Steve Jobs was a Buddhist and a Vegan.

Have fun all…………….


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