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Or just learn about it so that you don’t get a massive fine… 

What is GDPR? Wait for it… General Data Protection Regulation. You may think it sounds dull but it is something that concerns all  business owners This is a regulation, passed by European Parliament to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals of the EU. We are leaving the EU but this Law is staying.

You have until 25th May 2018 to get ready so now is the time to start thinking about it as it will be expensive and time consuming to implement.

gdpr data encryption

The future USB data stick with Pin code

Over the last few years the amount of data that people hold has grown considerably. Data is worth more than gold… In 2011 the cost to the UK Economy of data was around £27billion. In 2016 it was £49 billion and it is still on the up. Cyber crime and Data theft is growing, it is estimated that 3.04 million records are compromised per day and only 28% of attacks are reported.  By personal data, it is referring to any data which can identify an individual. This includes genetic, mental, social, cultural and economic. 52% of Corporate decision makers believe will be fined due to the GDPR

How many of you have sensitive data on a USB that you carry around with you? Around 20 million USB sticks are lost per year, many of those USB’s are not encrypted or protected. Finding USB sticks can also contain a threat to a company. By loading a virus or access key in to the USB, if the person who finds them plugs them into their PC, the creator can access all of the computers data… all sounds very 24 Jack Bauer, but this is happening…

And that is the issue… it is not a question of if you get a Data attack, it is WHEN!

GDPR HardSoftGDPR is desperately needed to ensure companies across Europe have one clear governing body to answer to and the guidelines of what you need to do are clear. It will;

  • Provide better privacy for individuals
  • Reduce costly administration as everything will come under one regulation- a one- stop shop for e data and personal sensitive information. (We like a one- stop shop here!)
  • Replace Directive 95/46/CE with a Regulation, a modernization to keep up with what is happening in an economic and technological context.
  • Reinforce the powers pf the national data protection authorities.
  • Hold the company accountable. Fines will also not be capped and much steeper.

But we are leaving the EU, aren’t we! It doesn’t matter… the Information Commissioner of the UK has announced that we will still comply with these, or even more stringent controls. This is not going to go away.


The Fine for not complying to GDPR

GDPR is an impact on all UK businesses, whatever the size. If you are a one man band you need to take this just as seriously. At the moment fines are capped at £500,000 but it is set to rise to EUR 20 million OR 4% of your Global Turnover- whichever is greater. Here are 7 ways that your company can become GDPR compliant.

  1. Planning! If you have more than 250 people you will now need a Data Protection Officer but for smaller companies you will need to empower your employees with the right information and resources.
  2. Information Mapping- get a completed picture of all of the information that you hold.
  3. Minimise- if you have data you no longer need, BIN IT NOW!
  4. Data Controllers- to conduct privacy impact assessments.
  5. Identify the products which you store data on- Phones, PCs, Laptops, Servers, Flash Drives, SSD’s. Everything needs to be covered in your security policy and everything must be encrypted.
  6. Future Proof- keep May 2018 in mind and ensure any contracts you have which will be valid at that time are in keeping with GDPR.
  7. Data Breech’s must be reported within 72 hrs (unless the device is encrypted).

At HardSoft we are invested in your future and keeping you up to date with technology changes and advances. This information is applicable for all of our customers and we want to help prevent you from any large fines! As we are always bleating on about cyber crime and protection, we will be on hand to help you with these advances in the technology world. If you would like any further information or a poster to put up in your office contact your helpful sales assistant today on 0207 111 1643.


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  1. Jason Hind

    Hi Katie,
    I was not aware of this incoming regulation and will pass it on throughout my network as Data Protection is a big issue within my industry.
    Thank you!