How Hardsoft’s Carbon Offset Service Is Helping Northeast Brazil

12th April 2023
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Hardsoft Computers have introduced a carbon offsetting service for our customers. This will help our clients achieve their emissions targets and move closer towards netzero.

Since the government has set a target of 2050 for the country to reach netzero, the race is on for businesses to make drastic changes and reduce their emissions as quickly as possible. The largest businesses must already publicly declare their emissions.

Carbon Offsetting – Making up for your emissions by investing money into schemes that remove harmful emissions from the world’s atmosphere.

Emissions – Harmful greenhouse gasses that build up in the atmosphere and contribute to detrimental climate change.

Netzero – A target to become carbon neutral, with no extra emissions being added to the atmosphere that cannot be written off.

Carbon offsetting is part of our greener computer initiatives. Hardsoft is dedicated to making computing more sustainable. In addition to offering energy-efficient devices, carbon offsetting is another way we can make IT more sustainable for everyone.

Carbon Offsetting With Hardsoft

When you lease with us and opt for carbon offsetting, we automatically offset the emissions of all your devices that you received from us. This takes all the burden of offsetting off your plate.  Hardsoft gives you carbon credits and certification as proof of how much you have offset.

You can also offset your existing devices simply by using our calculator. All you need is the make and model number of your hardware and our calculators can work out the device’s carbon footprint.

But where does your investment go?

You might know that carbon offsetting works by putting an investment into projects that reduce the carbon emissions in the atmosphere to counterbalance what you release.

There are actually all sorts of organisations, projects, and systems that do this. Reforestation, also known as carbon offset tree planting, is a popular one since trees draw in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Having more trees around has a very direct impact to reduce CO2.

Other options are investments in renewable energy that allow us to run homes, businesses, and the economy without reliance on fossil fuels. This reduces everyone’s carbon footprint.

Other projects include turning waste into energy and also clean water projects.

Hardsoft’s Carbon Offset Projects In Northeast Brazil

Hardsoft has chosen to invest your 3% into creating wind farms in Northeast Brazil.

We have chosen this because the construction of wind power plants in this region has multiple benefits for the environment, the local communities, and the economy. It is also in one of the world’s countries that is on the front lines of emissions-causing issues such as rapid deforestation.

This is a very important project as it covers multiple UN SDGs for the area.

The UN has a particular interest in the region.

SDGs are sustainable development goals. There are 17 SDGs as outlined by the UN:

  • Eliminate poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Good health and well being
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Affordable clean energy
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Climate action
  • Helping life below the water
  • Helping life on land
  • Facilitate peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Partnerships for the above goals

The investments put towards the wind farms in Brazil help to achieve several of these targets in the area, including climate action, sustainable communities, making affordable clean energy, creating jobs, and investing in education.

 Our investment in the local communities will even aid and go towards clean water and sanitation and good health and well-being.

The money goes towards a project of creating fourteen wind power plants to create clean and sustainable energy in the areas of Piaui and Pernambuco in northeast Brazil.

Your extra 3% on top of your lease can have a massive positive impact on another community and the environment for generations to come.