HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 9th April 2020

9th April 2020
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Hi, The first Bank Holiday of the year arrives but few will be in the ‘Holiday’ mood…

My “need to know” also has a video version on “You Tube”

‘Factoring’ your outstanding customer invoices – We can arrange to pay 90% of the value of an unpaid invoice within a few days with the balance paid to you when the Customer finally pays. More details.

Remote Access software – many used a limited time ‘free’ trial’. We were all hoping Working from Home was going to be temporary. As Lockdown continues then you may have to ‘pay’ for your access. Before committing contact our Support team as there could now be alternatives.

Stock issues – We have an excellent stock of Apple devices including the new MacBook Air which is available on our Pay July option. Windows laptops have availability issues so please contact us. We have something to suit everyone but it may not be your perfect choice.

Laptop donations – our first deliveries to local schools started with Ten laptops to Passmores School in Harlow of ‘Educating Essex’ fame. The requests we are receiving are greater than our resources. If you have a number of laptops available for 3 months loan then we are happy to collect and arrange use to a good cause.

Sorry, no more free carry cases – struggling to source these currently; so we, unfortunately, won’t be shipping these any longer which is a shame.

Free advertising – Take a look here. Simple to register for free Outdoor Ads. Space

I am moving to a fortnightly basis on my Newsletter but if you have queries in the interim let us know.

Happy Easter and happy viewing.