HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 7th May 2020

7th May 2020
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Hello again,

I feel the initial shock changes to life and business are over and we are actively planning for the return of some of our Work from Home Workforce hopefully next week. We are feeling a more positive sentiment out there as some of the Government money is filtering through to business…

Guide to Working from Home. We have created this as a Word doc. so you can amend, brand, and tailor to pass on to colleagues. Download it here  

Mac Pro for Free – well 7 days… If you have a genuine interest on this awesome computer then we will ship you the new Mac Pro for you to give it a spin. Certain conditions apply.

Experian is the only Credit Agency you need to take notice of for your business.Any changes to your Rating will affect your spending and credit power. I suggest you monitor your Companies Credit rating. There is a free Experian 30 day trial here.

Flexi-12 is our new solution that offers less commitment and all the benefits. Designed for a world of uncertainty. You can cancel and return without penalty after 12 months or continue to ownership another 12 months later. Supported by Apple Financial Services. Apples for Cash– Now offering money in your bank. Pre-Covid we only allowed customers to part exchange an Apple device in return for a discount on a new lease. Now you get the money upfront. 

HardSoft’s Got Talent continues. Send in a Review of the latest tech and we’ll pay up to £100. Our customer ‘Wooshi’ has done three so far! Have a look at this winner.

Miss any of my updates over the last few weeks?  Some were good. some were even interesting, hopefully there was something there. Here’s a link to them all.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

Andrew Morgan