HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 27th March 2020

27th March 2020
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Hello again,
You are either Working From Home or hiding in the Office with the lights off – just in case you get caught…

It’s not business as usual and so here’s my weekly update… More things I think you need to know…

Our Van fleet is available – our engineers are now Working From Home so we are making these available for any good cause needing the use of a Van temporarily to support their charitable efforts against Coronavirus. Please email me if you have a need. Ideally East Herts/West Essex area.

AVAST is offering three security tools free for three months to support Working from Home. There is Patch Management, Secure Web Gateway and a PC Cleaning Tool all available. More details.

Appeal for return of loan devices – If you have a loan device from us then we urgently need it back. Our pool of loan devices is depleting as the Coronavirus issue is making collections challenging. It would help another business in need. Please email repairteam@hardsoft.co.uk

Microsoft Teams is available FREE for up to 1000 users for six months.  Teams can be deployed across your organisation to support Messaging and Collboration with a Remote workforce. Also includes 2 GB of SharePoint Online storage and Office Online.Email me on this one.

Payment Issues – We have a new webpage available where you can explain your scenario and complete a small form that we can then take forward for you and try and help. 

Warehouse offers – We have moved as much as we can into this section on our website if you have a need.  

Our Tech Team is still here to help. Responding to calls with an average of 19 mins at the moment. The workshop is still open for repairs though the process is taking a few days longer.

Try and have a great weekend. It will surely involve a hoover or a mower and certainly a walk.

Andrew Morgan
Co- Founder- Email: andrew.m@hardsoft.co.uk