HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 20th March 2020

20th March 2020
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My Brother and I founded HardSoft in 1984 and like every business, we have seen some business challenges but never something like this… but WE ARE HERE and are hearing your issues. We are here to try and help where we can.

Things I think you need to know…

Help and Support- we know you need our help as you move staff home. We have more of our Technical Team on the phones. Log a call here or just call us. You are valuable to me and we can help you. 

Engineers are still on the road fixing and installing. Until the Government says ‘No’, we are battling our way through the Shoppers to get to see you.

We have Stock of most PCs and Macs. Laptops are very, very popular. Your Account Managers…Craig, Steve, Sophie, Ryan, Paige, Kieran, Scarlett, Jamie are delivering great and fast service. Challenge them!

Flexi -Lease – has an option to Upgrade to new kit after 24 months. That’s the sweet spot but if you are looking to move say from Desktops to Laptops immediately we can find the solution to get you moved over.

Short Term Hire for 30 days or more. Yes, we can help.

I will send you this update weekly until it’s ‘business as usual’. I don’t apologise for spamming you with the info that you need.
Make your safety paramount. Without you being fit and well, then your business won’t’ be fit either.

Thanks for listening.

Andrew Morgan
Co- Founder- Email: