HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 20th April 2020

20th April 2020
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Hi there,

My brother and business partner, Phil, lives where Churchill used to stay whilst he was in his constituency. There is a painting in the hallway that quotes “Never Never Never Give Up”… 

As Lockdown continues I thought his words were quite apt this week.

Have you got your £10,000 from the Small Business Grant Fund?  I stupidly thought a cheque would pop through the door. It doesn’t! Go onto your local Council’s website and claim the SBGF now. If you are applying for your CBILs loan, then we have an interesting template you could use to assist: download our template.

1 to 1 Session with our IT Director – Scott Harrington is available to Brainstorm your old or new IT issues over Zoom. Certainly, he, and probably you, have more time to ponder your IT challenges right now. Book a Slot… it’s free!

A menagerie of Bundle offers – have centralised all these on the website and they are the best offers for you. Please see our new Surface Pro 7 WFH Bundle that could be your new future setup.

Phishing – more ‘Work From Home’ means less control and management over what emails your users are opening. That has meant a massive uplift in Virus and Security issues. In the last 2 weeks, we have had more issues than the rest of 2020. There’s some free cover with AVAST here.

Account Overviews – on request we can send across a comprehensive document showing all your live contracts with details of serial numbers, renewal options, etc. A valuable document. Request an Excel summary here.

Enjoy the new ‘normal’ and thanks for listening, yet again.