Future of Work – The New Normal: A webinar with HardSoft’s Co-Founder, Andrew Morgan

2nd June 2020
Future of Work Webinar with Andrew Morgan

Andrew teamed up with HR Solutions to give his take on the future of work, what it will look like, and what will become the ‘new normal’ that everyone is talking about, in an interactive webinar which too place on Wednesday 17th June.

Also discussing the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on our working environments and how it has become a change catalyst for the future. Andrew, and his Co-Founder and brother, Phil, have experienced this from the beginning, helping HardSoft customers old and new to make the swift change to working from home, and continue to support them as they adapt to this new, and possibly long-term or permanent, change to their working environment.

The CEO of HR Solutions, Greg Guilford, also shared his experiences of managing their client’s employees through the pandemic, and now the return to work.

There were many interesting insights from the panel, so if there’s anything you’d like to know to help you navigate your way to the new normal, watch the recording here: