HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 7th May 2020

7th May 2020

Hello again, I feel the initial shock changes to life and business are over and we are actively planning for the return of some of our Work from Home Workforce hopefully next week. We are feeling a more positive sentiment out there as some of the Government money is filtering through to business… Guide to […]

HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 20th April 2020

20th April 2020

Hi there, My brother and business partner, Phil, lives where Churchill used to stay whilst he was in his constituency. There is a painting in the hallway that quotes “Never Never Never Give Up”…  As Lockdown continues I thought his words were quite apt this week. Have you got your £10,000 from the Small Business Grant […]

HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 9th April 2020

9th April 2020

Hi, The first Bank Holiday of the year arrives but few will be in the ‘Holiday’ mood… My “need to know” also has a video version on “You Tube” ‘Factoring’ your outstanding customer invoices – We can arrange to pay 90% of the value of an unpaid invoice within a few days with the balance paid to you […]

HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 3rd April 2020

3rd April 2020

Hi, Probably like me your hands are raw from hand washing. I am now actively comparing hand creams… This weeks “need to know”… HardSoft’s Got Talent- Have spare time and want to earn some cash then review a product and send across your Video review for us to use. There is up to £100 per video. Pay July offer […]

HardSoft’s Got Talent… Review a product and earn cash

31st March 2020

Review your device, upload the video and we’ll pay for your content. If you’ve bought or leased a new device in the past 12 months we’d love you to do a video review of your device(s) which we’ll upload onto our YouTube channel. Help us to share with our community all the great products available […]

HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 27th March 2020

27th March 2020

Hello again,You are either Working From Home or hiding in the Office with the lights off – just in case you get caught… It’s not business as usual and so here’s my weekly update… More things I think you need to know… Our Van fleet is available – our engineers are now Working From Home so […]

HardSoft Covid-19 Update: 20th March 2020

20th March 2020

Hello, My Brother and I founded HardSoft in 1984 and like every business, we have seen some business challenges but never something like this… but WE ARE HERE and are hearing your issues. We are here to try and help where we can. Things I think you need to know… Help and Support- we know you […]

As COVID-19 Spreads, More Companies Are Turning to Remote Working

12th March 2020

As the world braces for the spread of Covid19, health officials are encouraging businesses to send their employees home. What started out with tech giants like Microsoft and Apple is becoming commonplace in businesses across the country. Workers are leaving their desks and taking up remote working to stop the spread. But so-called “work from home” […]

Brexit: as we Head for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit what our customers need to know.

15th August 2019

Please read… We may have experienced a period of hiatus while Parliament attempted negotiations with the EU and now a new government taking shape, it would seem that we’re heading for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and all advice is to make preparations. Pricing of products should not increase as Computer items are not subject to […]

‘Spread the Word’ Gadget Giveaway! & Setup Sidecar!

7th August 2019

Get ready for a Ride-Along & Unlock Sidecar for your business Sidecar lets you expand your Mac workspace—and your creativity—with iPad and Apple Pencil. Adding a second display has been a popular way for Mac users to extend their desktop and spread out their work. With Sidecar, Mac users can now do the same thing […]

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