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What is the Microsoft Partner Pledge?

12th May 2023

Hardsoft have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. But what does this mean? The Partner Pledge, signed by over 90 companies, focuses on four critical goals, namely: digital skills, diversity, responsible and ethical AI and sustainability. These goals aim to guide Microsoft’s partners and, by extension, the world through the challenges of ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, […]

5 Top Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Office in 2023

4th April 2023

With environmental policies becoming more important for companies, sustainable offices will become a big part of the future of business. There are numerous methods that companies can utilise to create sustainable offices and to make their entire business operation more environmentally friendly. From going paperless or using reduced and recyclable packaging from renewable sources to […]

Hardsoft Computers’ Carbon Offset Project Updates

23rd March 2023

If you are considering leasing computer equipment with Hardsoft, or are already a client of ours, you might have heard us mention carbon offsetting or read about it on our website. Carbon offsetting, green computing, and eco-recycling are all concepts that you will encounter in our leasing solutions. You might have noticed our Devices For […]

Carbon Offsetting: What Is Your Business Doing To Reduce Emissions & How Can Hardsoft Help?

15th March 2023

Working with Hardsoft Computers can make carbon offsetting and environmental targets easier for businesses. By opting into our green computing schemes, businesses can ensure that they are making strides towards carbon neutrality and netzero with far less stress and no extra work on your part. Unfortunately, for many businesses, the act of offsetting their carbon […]

Fairphone Is Making Business Mobiles More Sustainable

17th January 2023

Supplying business mobiles to your employees is an excellent tactic for encouraging productivity, and better collaboration while maintaining tight business cybersecurity. Phones For Teams makes sourcing business smartphones easy and stress-free for companies with transparent leases, a choice of business-grade smartphones, specialist support and SIM plans all from one supplier. But what about businesses that […]

Return of the Dock – A Guide to Laptop Docking Stations

12th January 2023

What are laptop docking stations? The ongoing rise in laptop docking station popularity is both reasonable and undeniable: in the modern tech climate, professionals can require a multitude of peripherals, and so extra ports are a must. Laptop docking stations offer a more efficient way of connecting multiple peripherals to your laptop, a critical solution […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 versus Surface Pro 9 5G

5th January 2023

Understanding and comparing the new Surface Pro 9 You may have heard some buzz surrounding Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro announcement – and whether you’re excited or underwhelmed, there is no denying that the devices from this release are sparking divisive conversation within the tech industry. Two seemingly very similar laptops The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 […]